The Tide Is Turning


The Ride Is Turning

Junious Ricardo Stanton


“More importantly, however, this court ruling was not the first of its kind but the third in a series of legal victories against lockdown orders. The first was a Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling that declared parts of Governor Tony Evers’ stay at home order unconstitutional and the second was by a federal court that struck down Governor Tom Wolf’s policies in Pennsylvania. There is no doubt that the governors across the country have gone off the constitutional deep end in response to Covid-19, exercising powers that are not only unprecedented but unproven. These cases, notably in Michigan and Wisconsin, all share some important legal themes that may suggest the beginning of a constitutional reckoning for governors across America.” The Constitutional Reckoning of State Lockdown Orders- Ethan Yang

The arbitrary and heavy handed over responses to the COVID epidemic by mayors and governors has resulted in dire consequences for much of the US. Governors and mayors shut down the economies of their states and cities closing stores, offices preventing interpersonal contact and movement except for emergencies and necessities essentially placing their citizens on “medical” house arrest.

While they may have been well intentioned, these policies were historically unprecedented. Not even during the pandemic of 1918 that saw fifty million deaths world wide and about 675,000 in the US did the governments lock the whole society down! During that real very pandemic people were encouraged to wear face mask, the sick were isolated and quarantined but life went on. Major league baseball went on with people in the stands, businesses stayed open and people adjusted and adapted until the virus waned and life returned to normal.

We must keep in mind the 1918 lethal influenza strain had nothing to do with Spain or WWI; it actually originated in the US at a US Army base in Fort Riley Kansas after soldiers there had been given a vaccine created by the Rockefeller Institute.“so-called-viral-influenza”-pandemic . The soldiers at Ft Riley were then deployed overseas to fight in WWI where the conditions were unsanitary, filthy and devastated by so much suffering and death it made it easy for an opportunistic infection to spread like wildfire.

Back to 2020; based on outrageously flawed computer predictions, leaders all over the world chose to accept these figures and with few exceptions (Denmark, Brazil, Sweden and Belarus) imposed Draconian lockdowns and stay at home orders. In the US many governors and mayors arbitrarily shut down their states and cities subsequently ruining the lives of well people, businesses and disrupting the normal flow of life.

 There was massive pushback against the months of lockdowns and house arrest in the form of demonstrations, protests and law suits. At first many to the lawsuits were dismissed at the local level but as time wore on, several made their way to state supreme courts and in Pennsylvania to a Federal Circuit Court where we are seeing the mandated lockdowns and social restrictions being declared unconstitutional! “This country was built on fundamental rights and doctrines that were specifically crafted to prevent domestic tyranny, whether it be from the rule of the few or the mob. It may not be such hyperbole anymore to claim that governors across the United States have acted like tyrants.  In Michigan and Wisconsin, we have seen the affirmation of the separation of powers doctrine, which is an elementary school civics concept that forms the very foundation of a free society. There are three branches of government: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. The legislative branch is a democratically elected and representative body that has the sole authority to write laws. The governor and the executive branch bureaucracy derive their powers from the legislative and their duty is to execute the mandate given to them by the legislature, not make up its own rules. Such a process may be cumbersome but in the end, it protects our liberty and ensures that the power wielded by government is accountable to the people.” The Constitutional Reckoning of State Lockdown Orders- Ethan Yang

These rulings are huge because we are finding out the prognostications of Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College of London (which is funded by billionaire Bill Gates) that were used to justify the lockdowns and fuel the media induced hysteria are nowhere near accurate. In fact Ferguson has been thoroughly discredited due to his long history of “Chicken Little” predictions. 

The globalists will still fight for their lockdowns; their social reengineering and population control agendas are still on the table ready for implementation (see but at least the tide is turning in our favor and against their arbitrary, capricious and eugenicist policies. The struggle continues.





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