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Greetings Family,

Don't Take my word: It is said this process is universal for All Nations under the Geneva Agreeement....

My purpose in putting this disccusion together is to gather information for those who may be interested to dig into this topic, and have a starting off place to get an understanding of the subject. It's a big topic and if you decide to go down this road it reguires willingness to study and do your own due diligence. There are many road blocks thrown on the path, of course anything worth while requires fortitude and usually does not come handed on a silver platter. There are said to be 26 million who have already taking the stand for total self repsonsibility. In my book "Liberty" means total self responsibility.

You cannot be free while dependent on others. As I stated for those on the program August 4th, There's a saying in Ghana, "3" heads are better than one.

It is said by Tim Turner on the workshop that I will post below, that there is a country in Africa re-writing their banking laws to be able to accept his groups BONDS. I say that should be us, It's our time, when we decide to make it OUR TIME. Meaning, we can use our time and creativity to build a new reality for ourselves, by ourselves.

WARNING: please do not be turned away because of the sources of this information, just deal with the CONTENT, To my knowledge, there is not many organized Black sources for this info. If you know of some please let me know and I will "endarken" this post immediately.

Perhaps we will become that source so that we are then prepared to teach others, free oursleves and our people from this system.

To Put things in perspective:

3 DAY WORKSHOP "MP3" , best one is "Branson", look down the page, "Maryville "has some audio static for the first 40 mins or so, but the info there is very important if you can endure it....You may not understand the first time around, I have had to listen many times. Each time I pick up more understanding.


There are some ppl out there selling this info and ripping people off, so be careful.

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND - illegal 14TH Amendment, and Bankruptcy of the US. - Part 1 of 2



WINSTON SHROUT - don't let the title below fool you there's knowledge there.

Decoding History an Introduction - Bible Prophecy or Predictive Programming?

The thesis is that states, nations & global divisions are a lie used by the Empire to keep us ignorant of reality

The New World Order isn't coming it's been here for thousands of years. Court historians court reporters & court jesters have been either fabricating people like Hey Zeus, Jesus, Shakespeare & Newton or turning murdering racists like Lincoln into Political God men to be worshiped by the state's free range debt slaves

Try to relax and realize the script isn't prophecy it's predictive programming The script by Dan & John for the goats, the Biblical Levitical UCC Law Merchant Law for the sinners & a collection of plagiarized politically motivated fairy tales for the sheep .They pimp out three main prison cults Jew Christian Muslim.

Once you begin to connect the dots you realize your whole life is a lie. Mumbai Mercenary Murders, The staged Nuclear posturing, The orchestrated financial collapse, WMD, War on terror, 911 criminal files, Oklahoma building files, Waco, WTC FBI Bombings, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iran/Contra CIA, Watergate, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, JFK, Operation Northwoods, MK-Ultra, Korean War, Operation keel haul, Operation Paper clip, Holohoax, Pearl Harbor, 1929 crash, Federal Reserve act, Half a dozen other assassinated Presidents and hundreds of lesser officials, like JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Vince Foster, Daniel Pearl, Paul Wellstone, etc. for a short list.

None dare call it genocide but all our foods & drinks & even the air we breathe is contaminated with Pharmacueticals, RBGHT, MSG, Aspartame, GMO, Cloned meats, Mercury vaccines, fluoride water supplies, tobacco, alcohol, fructose, chemtrails, banning supplements, outlawing natural remedies & too many other sick eugenics programs to mention.

We trade our labor for credit notes which we trade for food & shelter. They then go to the central bank which pays for the Police state, Propaganda, Poisons & Brainwashing that UNeducates, entertains & enslaves us.

1 Introduction Mind reader & a secret
2 Carl Sagan Science vs Mystics
3 Robin Ince on creationism
4 Carl Sagan Mystics winning
5 Ricky Gervais on The Bible
6 Astrotheology Jesus story
7 Ovid pens the Jesus story
8 Carl Sagan The end of the Library
9 Lewis Black on the bible
10 Carl Sagan Astrology
11 George Carlin on Religion
12 Court Historians by Thomas DiLorenzo
13 Alan Watts on predictive programming
14 Zodiac & Council of Nicea from Zeitgeist
15 Dr Ben Richard Dawkins Bill Hicks on religion
16 David Cross on Religion
17 Terrance McKenna John Allegro Jesus was a mushroom
18 Stefan Molyneux on the illusion of freedom Statism is dead
19 Winston Shrout Solutions in commerce
20 Mary Croft How I clobbered every cash confiscatory agency
21 Knights of Malta create the first UN
22 Stuart Wilde Mastery of Money The Empire discussed
23 Carl Sagan Religious Fraud Criminal perversion of History
24 George Carlin on Global Politics & People
25 Welcome to the matrix Insights to reality
26 George Carlin Planet People Politics
27 Dr Stanley Monteith Brotherhood of Darkness excerpt
28 George Carlin Back in town Godliness
29 The Harvard yard Excerpt on Cult of Newton
30 George Carlin God & Jim Morrison closing statement
31 Dr Stanley Monteith None dare call it Genocide
32 PharmaCon Artists 2008 Drug War on Your Mind Mashup
33 Marijuana The Hemp Conspiracy or Killer Weed
34 Rene Levesque 1964 Crush the crusher
35 Mario Savio Sproul Hall Steps December 2 1964
36 Jerry Rubin Punks Donahue in his corporate suit 1970
37 China Falls to the Roman Empire
38 Mass Media Manipulation & Eugenics Lies
- Amenstop productions The Ring of Power - The Empire of the City - The Secret Rulers of The World - Pharisees to today -

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Structure of the Birth Certificate
Did the State Pledge Your Body to a Bank? ... The subject of every birth certificate is a CHILD...

... your sovereign rights as a natural born "citizen" of America due to a deception that was the 14TH Amendment...REMEMBER WE ARE CAPTIVES, not "citizens"

OTHER RESOURCES: "Take Some, Leave Some"

Your Lawyer's Secret Oath - What was the effect and the significance of the Oath?...

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