The Propaganda Similarities Between The War on Terror and COVID-19

Junious Ricardo Stanton


            The fall of Afghanistan joins a long list of modern US imperial debacles like the US/NATO caused wreckages of Yugoslavia, Iraq, the destruction of Libya and the crisis in Yemen. The corporate media is framing this like its Joe Biden’s fault when every president since George W. Bu$h has had a hand in this mess. Each of them is complicit in crimes against humanity.

             Over two trillion dollars in US taxpayer funds has been spent on the Afghanistan fiasco and for what, to enrich the Military Industrial Security Complex?! The corporate and digital media owned by the oligarchy is spinning Afghanistan in a way that obfuscates the real deal, that we were duped into going along with imperial overreach via the psychological warfare waged by the elites on the American people! Propaganda, intimidation and coercion were used to force acquiesce and consent to a totally bogus “Global War on Terror”.  In the end, what have we gotten from this war, what benefits have you received, how much money did you get from these imperialist misadventures? How much of the CIA’s Afghanistan opium profits have you gotten?

            Remember how following 9-11 pacifists were demonized? “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists” was the manta of the nitwit in the White House George W. Bu$h. Remember how the Neo Cons and corporate media vilified Congresswoman Barbara Lee because she was the only Congress person with the moral fortitude, prescience and love of humanity to vote against the invasion of Afghanistan?!  Remember how they tried to destroy Country and Western artists’ Dixie Chicks career. Did you know the Clear Channel media conglomerate compiled a list of peace songs or anti-war songs they forbade their DJs to play? Does anyone remember how the establishment hounded Ken Olberman and Phil Donahue off MSNBC because they opposed the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?! Do you remember how warmongers like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly rose in popularity and fame by parroting the party line about “jihadist terrorists”?

           Do you see any similarities between what happened post 9-11 and what is going on nowadays with the COVID narrative and response? If not, you have failed to learn a valuable lesson of history, that governments lie and use intimidation to get their way. As we speak, opposition to the mitigation protocols against COVID is being attacked, suppressed and censored.  I had one of my videos taken off of YouTube!

         The oligarchy uses the same ol’ playbook over and over again. If anything the fall of Afghanistan should reveal the propaganda and mind control games they run on us! “To get a glimpse of our potential future, it’s worth considering past narratives pushed by governments. The war on terrorism has been promoted for years as an endless threat, and it’s conveniently created a blank check for defense and intelligence spending, funneling taxpayer cash into the pockets of defense contractors and their shareholders. Similarly, the war on climate change created carbon tax slush funds and transfers of wealth to underdeveloped countries under the guise of climate-change projects that are prone to misuse, exploitation and corruption. In both cases, anyone not adhering to the narrative of the need to fight terrorism and climate change using government resources is treated the same way as those now questioning government’s insistence on introducing freedom-suppressing infrastructure under the pretext of managing a virus with an extremely low mortality rate. And like the wars against terrorism and climate change, the war on COVID-19 has created true believers out of pure fear. There are no better pawns onto which to foist a fear-driven agenda. And what might that agenda be? It’s hard not to see that it amounts to some form of control.” Government COVID-19 propaganda follows a well-worn path, Rachel Marsden https://www.minotdailynews.com/opinion/national-columnists/2021/07/government-covid-19-propaganda-follows-a-well-worn-path/

           The media is blaming Joe Biden as Afghanistan crumbles and rightly so because as a US senator he was a big time warmonger who supported every war, every police action and “intervention” the corporatists and Military Industrial Complex called for. Afghanistan is merely a snapshot in time revealing how the ruling class dupes and bamboozles us to get what they want which is compliance and control.

            The same tactics they used to sell the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq are being used to sell COVID inoculations which by the way are causing serious side effects and injury. https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/fda-knew-all-along/

           Failing to learn the lessons of Viet Nam the psychopathic ruling class driven by hubris and lust for power have repeated the same mistakes, they could care less about the consequences; just like Big Pharma and their supporters have no concern whatsoever about our safety, health and well being.

           Now they are telling folks they’ll need boosters to protect them from ever mutating variants. Duh, to survive all viruses either mutates or they die. That doesn’t automatically make them more lethal. It will be like the flu shot only now they are coercing everyone to take it. Their revenues will be in the trillions, just like the Military Industrial Complex war profits.

         The same game plan, the same BS will equal the same results unless we take back our minds and our lives by resisting just like many of us resisted the Viet Nam War and the imperial overreach of Afghanistan and Iraq.




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