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The Sexual Oppression and Subordination of Women Intensifies...But “Woke Madness” Would Erase This Reality

In-person presentation and dialogue with Raymond Lotta - "The Industrialization of Sexual Exploitation and Global Capitalism OR Why 'Sex Work' Is NOT 'Agency' But Degradation & Nightmare And Why We Need Revolution"

Wednesday, March 1, 7pm Revolution Books, 437 Malcolm X Blvd

The world is a growing horror for women. One of three women on this planet will be physically or sexually assaulted in their lifetimes. Women's constitutional right to abortion is stolen from them...a court decision this week might outlaw abortion pills. Rampant pornography trains young men to equate pleasure and arousal with the infliction of pain and humiliation on women. Nearly one-third of teen girls in the U,S. say they have considered suicide. In 2021, 4.4 million women and girls were trafficked into sex slavery worldwide.

But there's another form of assault, an ideological assault, coming from so-called “woke” people. An unconscionable refusal to recognize the intensifying oppression of women, and the urgent need to fight it. All in the name of “inclusivity.” Defending women's right to abortion? No, says the ACLU, erase that word...it's “people with uteruses.” A.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter author, is demonized as a “transphobe” for insisting that transsexual women, while deserving of compassion that should accrue to all humans, are not identical in every respect to biological women. Pamela Paul of the New York Times is targeted for defending Rowling. This erasure of women and this attempted “cancellation” only disorients people...and leads to passivity in the face of the escalating “war on women.” And so, when RiseUp4AbortionRights mobilized people to take to the streets to defend women's right to abortion, they were slammed as “transphobic.”

Raymond Lotta is speaking Wednesday night on the massive “globalization and industrialization of sexual exploitation”--a horrific front of the war on women. He'll be taking on the “woke” rationalizations of 'sex work'...the idea that sexual degradation of women can somehow be “empowering” for prostitutes/'sex workers'...and how this only normalizes the grotesque commodification of the female body. And he's speaking to why revolution is the only way to free women and all humanity from the horrors of this world.

Raymond Lotta's invitation and challenge: come to Revolution Books Wednesday night...be part of opening this discussion and debate, and confronting the terrible reality of life for women around the world...and the potential for a revolution to change everything.

Raymond Lotta is a political economist, a spokesperson for Revolution Books in Harlem, and a follower of the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian.

See Raymond Lotta's major research essay The 'Industrialization' of Sexual Exploitation, Imperialist Globalization, and the Descent Into Hell and also 4 Points of Clarification and Controversy: On “Sex Work” and the Oppression of Women

Video will be posted soon after the event

This program is sponsored by the Revolution Books Educational Fund a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. In-store program. Masks required and provided. $5-10 donation requested.

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