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IN THE YEAR 2013......
They have closed your schools, libraries, hospitals, body building gyms, taken away your guns, increased your prison time, rolled by your civil rights, revoked your right to be silent, foreclosed your homes, letting you rot with disease, moved trauma centers away from you, built penitentiaries for you, flooding the market with slave movies, shooting you dead on sight


"At the August GOP meeting, Wheeler referenced a blog post from conservative activist Chuck Muth, who in June 2010 wrote about Wheeler's candidacy and said, "what if those citizens decided they want to, say, bring back slavery? Hey, if that's what the citizens want, right Jim?"

Wheeler told his audience he responded to Muth and said, "yeah, I would."


The revolution is underway and self imagery is the first battle being fought in the revolution of evolution and the movie Django Unchained is the first shot fired.

With so many black people falling victim to the first shot fired.... can we redeem the team because as the battle for our African American existence rages on our adversary is relentless in indoctrinating our minds into submitting to slavery without resistance by producing slave movie after slave movie after slave movie.

If our adversaries are successful they will win without even fighting which tells me that their strategy comes directly from the Art of War.

The highest and best strategy in the Art of war is to win without fighting and that’s how come I know that we are at war.

The strategy of win without fighting depends on winning over the hearts and minds of the people and if they are successful they will kill 3 birds with one stone.

1. Financially the slave movie empties our pockets, submits our minds and surrenders our will to resist the re-indoctrination to chattel slavery.

2. The slave movies indoctrinate the hearts and minds of "we the people" to see black people as nothing but slaves thereby blinding them from seeing any outside evidence validating us as human beings.

3. Our slavery is viewed accepted and approved by us in the hearts and minds of the world because our adversaries can prove that with free will we paid good money to watch and act in slave movies and that we also openly fought with each other if anyone of us disagreed to go along.

Our adversaries strategy comes directly from the book, "The Art of War" and......... ....we are at war.

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Thanks for the post. All I can say is that it is all being done so Artfully. Many Our boys to men can't even run if they do wake up to the truth of your words, because their pants will fall down when they try and even with their new glow in the dark sneakers, they wont be able to run, so they will still get caught.

Enoch, Take it or leave it, if God so loved the world then why didn't he give them melanin. I want your answer as soon as you're ready. I just happen to know who I am, where I came from and where I want to go, so it ain't likely that I'll ever be a slave. Let's not tell our story, let's teach it and remember no one has taught until or unless some one has learned. God Bless and stay strong.

Let me see if I have this correct...."you know who you are, where you came from and where you want to go, so it ain't likely that you will ever be a slave....but you don't know why...."if God so loved the world then why didn't he give them melanin?" you ask me.

1. You are already a slave and here's what gives you away ........Nothing you own, use, eat, drink, wear, drive, sleep on or live in is manufactured, produced or distributed exclusively by African Americans

2. No man knows the mind of God but good won't live forever therefore you will have the opportunity to ask him to his face why....."if you so loved the world then why didn't he give them melanin."

Enoch, I asked for a response and you gave one, I can't ask for any more then that using this venue.

Hotep sad to say you are right on time.Our Unity must be right now Liberation for all people is now at hands.
HOTEP Please . Let me state for THE record Mr Edward their is a mind control system in place right now and all thay have to do now is push the button and it all a rap We are eating,drinking, breathing, all kinds of Chemicals right dont kid your self.Its a spiritual war that is going on now i have witness to but we can
Turn things around. Thks.

Minister John D Henry and Enoch I still have the presence of mind at 71 years old and having been reared in the Bronzeville community of Chicago. I think that I can speak to our plight as a people in all urban settings within the United States of America.

On another note, the profile infant picture of me is authentic. I'm 7 mos. old, Christmas eve. of 1942 and it was 7 mos. prior to my birth when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

I haven't really met you guys over this social medium before, which compels me to go back to my original question, "If God so loved the world why didn't He give everyone melanin? Then I coupled the question to the following comment : "I know where I  came from, know where I am and know where I want to go, so I can never be a slave". Enoch and Minister John D. Henry addressed the comment and ignored the question. The question is still on the table and left unanswered. Maybe this is the proper venue to have this discussion. 

This is for Enoch, no human can be enslaved, if he or she is of  a mind-set  not to be. History tells us that those of us who flat-out refused to be enslaved, died at the hands of the masa, quick and in  a hurry, were never enslaved. I say this to say that the whole concept of slavery is a state of mind, forced/learned behavior and conditioning of the mind. Plus it was the Black man on planet earth who first introduced slavery to the world and since he's the grand-daddy of all human-kind anywhere known to exist in the history of the world, where should we take our grievance.  This is another question Enoch, which I think deserves an answer, not a comment.  

Greetings Minister John D. Henry,

Will you please explain how we can begin turning things around.  Thank you!

Nana Peggy 


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