• The founder of The REDI Foundation, non-profit institute, Richard Michael Abraham, announced today at The REDI Foundation's Development Conference that real estate development success is "all about your vision and your ability to see and imagine real estate development opportunities that others overlook".

"With few jobs, the only way to survive and prosper now is to fight to be entrepreneurial and the best place to fight is in the lucrative real estate development business. With low interest rates, investors are hungry and looking for hard real estate developments to invest in for higher returns. Anyone with vision who instinctively can see what needs to be developed in his or her local community possesses a great advantage. All of these visionary emerging developers at heart need now are the real estate development knowledge and skills to put together and package real estate development joint ventures," Mr. Abraham stated.

The REDI Foundation offers the world's #1 real estate development online course. The 6-Month Real Estate Development Certification and Private Mentoring Course is recognized as the world's most comprehensive course and in addition to printed instructional materials, assignments, exams, each student is required to complete a "real" and feasible real estate development project under the watchful eye of Mr. Abraham. The course enrollment is limited and always filled, but "standby places" can be made available for exceptional applicants.

"During the last booming decade of real estate development, African Americans were left behind, unable to get into real estate development. The REDI Foundation is now doing everything possible to make this Course available to qualified African-Americans executives, professionals, business people and entrepreneurial individuals. Our African American students are doing exceptionally well," Mr. Abraham added.

Entrepreneurs and professionals who possess a vision of what can be developed along with the passion for real estate development and who feel they have what it takes to develop real estate and work with affluent investors (once they learn the skills) are invited to apply for the course by visiting www.redii.org.

"The accepted students who do extremely well all have a vision of what they want to develop. They see a vacant lot or building in their community, or inner city, and they immediately see what it could be e.g. affordable housing, mixed-use development, apartments, shopping center and they see the possibilities. It's uncanny. This is what makes a great real estate developer, their vision. If an accepted student has this natural gift of vision, passion and determination, once they have the development skills taught in this online mentoring course, nothing can stop them from achieving ultimate success as a Joint Venture Real Estate Developer," Mr. Abraham said.

Only the very best applicants are accepted. The course is more comprehensive and challenging than a Master's degree program.

Those who feel they are an exceptional candidate with vision and passion to develop real estate, to apply for a special "Standby" Course place, should review all the details about the course on the web site at www.redii.org. There they can read about the success of students, see their developments and then, if they have a passion to learn, and are willing to study hard for 6 months, can email their completed application (on the Website) as soon as possible. They should also include a sincere, honest cover letter describing why they feel they qualified and why they feel they should be accepted. Once received, a REDI Application officer will contact applicants for an interview and to discuss eligibility, tuition, (any available partial scholarships) and the next online course start date. Course enrollment is strictly limited and always filled by referrals but "standby places" can be made available for a course start date now for exceptional applicants.


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