On Wednesday, November 16th, the New Black Panther Party’s Newark chapter will rally with the Newark AntiViolence Coalition against street violence on Tracy and Avon Avenues in Newark at 5pm on what will be their 121nd consecutive week of antiviolence protests.
This Wednesday will have a dark, bleeding cloud of memory hovering over the rally because it will also mark the 1 year anniversary of the brutal slaying of NAVC member Selenna Baines in Irvington. Baines and a companion, Lashawn Laquan Woods, were both shot to death on Myrtle and Madison Avenues. Baines, a single mother was pregnant when she was senselessly slain.
The following Wednesday, the NAVC sought to rally that community in honor of their fallen sister. They were greeted savagely with a senseless attack by the Irvington Police department, arresting six NAVC members including Sharif Amenhotep of the New Black Panther Party.
“Several things need to be said here,” complained an angry Zayid Muhammad, who marched the remaining participants to the Irvington Police Department to secure the release of their members.
“One, we went out of our way to seek the cooperation of the City of Irvington for this rally. We even filed for a permit and met with both the mayor and the police chief. Two, the police chief who lives in walking distance from where Selenna was killed personally oversaw the police attack on the rally. Three, he has done nothing to make that block safe or to address what happened to Selenna that raw rainy night, nor has Irvington’s spineless elected leadership either, and four, and finally, instead of dropping the charges and streamlining the permit application process and properly getting out in front of issues like these with the community, Irvington now wants to charge people wishing to rally in the town the cost of supplying at least four police officers with a proper permit,” he finished angrily, referring to a recent application of the Peoples Organization for Progress for a permit to march against foreclosures.
In 2007, Muhammad, himself, had been shot just several doors from where Baines was killed.
The six NAVC members went to court for the charges they faced from the police attack and the arrest nearly a dozen times only for the matter to be recently transferred out of Irvington. Those charges are still pending.
For  more information on the Newark AntiViolence Coalition, please call 908 605 6282. For more information on the New Black Panther Party, please call 973 202 0745…
PO BOX 25332, NEWARK, NJ 07101
973 202 0745*



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