On Sunday, December 18th, the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee (MXCC) will conclude its engaging online virtual series The Ballot Or The Bullet Revisited 2022 with a powerful roundtable entitled ‘We Charge Genocide!’ marking the 71st anniversary of the United Petition Charging the United States with Genocide of 1951 filed by the Civil Rights Congress led by William Patterson and Paul Robeson.

            This moving discussion will take place at 6pm (EST) LIVE on the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee’ Facebook Page.

            It will feature Dr. Mary Louise Patterson, Prof. Melina Abdullah, Prof Johanna Fernandez, each of whom were ‘star’ witnesses at last year’s Spirit of Mandela International Human Rights Tribunal, co-sponsored by MXCC. Dr. Patterson is also the daughter of people’s attorney William Patterson, who drafted the epic 1951 document. Prof. Abdullah is the nationally renown leader of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, and who has endured dangerous police threats on her home for her exemplary commitment. Prof. Hernandez is a leading voice in the international campaign to free Mumia Abu Jamal, the author of the critically acclaimed historical treatment of the Young Lord Party simply entitled The Young Lords (University of North Carolina Press) and the filmmaker of Justice On Trial, a documentary exposing the dimensions of the legal injustice in AbuJamal’s case.

            It will also include special guest beloved ‘elected activist’ NYC Councilman Charles Barron of East New York Brooklyn. Barron has been a strident insurgent radical presence in both the NY State Assembly and City Council of New York for decades. A product of the Black Panther Party, Barron just presented a Council Resolution calling for the end of the United States’ 60 year embargo of Cuba.

            The panelists will lift up the critical importance of their previous testimony at last year’s Tribunal on those key issues-Medical Conditions, Police Brutality and Political Prisoners respectively, and address the value of using such forums to advance People to People International Human Solidarity and to isolate oppressive nations in world opinion.

            This engaging forum will take place just two days after a critically important court hearing for beloved Panther political prisoner and world renown people’s journalist Mumia Abu Jamal, who will be the political prisoner spotlight for the event. It will also include a retrospective of the 1962 attack on the Nation Of Islam’s Mosque Number 27 by Los Angeles police, killing its treasurer Ronald Stokes and wounding several other members 60 years ago. It would launch Malcolm X into the national spotlight on the issue, reveal his underappreciated organizing capacity as a coalition builder and quietly mark the beginning of the end of his relationship with the Nation Of Islam.

            This goes to press incredibly on the anniversary of Malcolm’s epic debate at Oxford University in 1964, marking the amazing height of his public ascendance as a beacon of Human Solidarity, incredibly with only an eighth grade education and a prison record!

            “Let us remember that this is where Malcolm was taking us, and he had at his disposal more potential allies in the international community than did his elders of the Civil Rights Congress in 1951.

            “That is one of the real reasons why he was targeted for assassination far beyond his tragic relationship with the Nation Of Islam,” said founding press officer Zayid Muhammad.

            To participate in this engaging event, register at this link... . Press can call or text 973 202 0745. Please ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the organization’s Facebook page...



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