3828866591?profile=originalThroughout history, there is no any other world leader who was betrayed like Emperor Haile Selassie and emerged triumphant in the face of European Colonial aggression. In 1936, at Geneva, Switzerland most nations including: France and the United Kingdom betrayed him in favor of Benito Mussolini. In 1974 at home in Ethiopia: in his old age: the army, the educated Ethiopian elites, and the leaderships of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church betrayed him in favor of a military backed takeover. Even The Organization of African Union (“OAU/AU”), which named him, “The Father of African Unity” was mute when he was detained and murdered during his down fall.


In different times and places, those who betrayed the Emperor except his nation attempted to correct their betrayal in their own style. Most of the world’s nations washed away their sin after The Second World War.

In his long life and works the Emperor toiled for justice to be prevailed; however, in 1974 he was denied when he needed it the most. The international community distanced themselves from him because his foreign minister office took a new policy against Israel. As the result of this the international community played the Judas role, except the Rastafarians and Pan-Africanists.


In 1975, upon the news of the Emperor’s passing, the media announced all over the Caribbean Islands, “The Rastafarian God is dead!”  The legendary reggae star, Bob Marley, responded with his famous song, “Forever Loving Jah” where Marley sings “ We’ll be Forever Loving Jah “There’ll be no end!”  

Sunday, February 11, 2019, the OAU/AU with presence of the current African leaders a statue of the Emperor’s will be unveiled. Though, AU has not always defended the best interest of the African people, it is a belief that this statue may inspire the leaders to restore the Africa’s political and economical freedoms and values.


I will leave you with the following prophetic statement of the Emperor which befitting to say it at the inaugural of his statue: “History in whatever form, can never be demolished and obliterated beyond recognition. And, Even if a memorial to a monument to a meritorious work is consigned to the limbo of obscurity for a time, it would always be rescued from oblivion.”

The Lion of Judah unchained!  

  • The Lion of Judah has prevailed at Africa Union (AU), Mulugeta Haile, 02/07/2019

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