I highly commend Viola Plummer, Cynthia McKinney & everyone else for pressing the issue, trying to effectively to impact the U. S. (Obama Administration) obtuse, crazy policy vs Libya. There is absolutely no excuse for the policy of imperialism in…2011, or at any time in the past....but i hasten to add, there is a reason for such diabolical behavior:

      The reason is the same as it was, and has been throughout the sojourn of Black people in North America; it is the same as it was for neglecting Black people during the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe, the REASON is the misguided human notion that there is profit in oppression and enslaving humans.

    But, in all criminal cases, when justice is served, every injustice must be restituted and compensated, as part of the process to make amends for the wrong doing. This is the basis for the Demand for Reparations: The compensation and restitution is the effort to Repair the Damage done in the commission of the crime.

      But this will not happen unless the victims can amass enough power to counter the diabolical behavior of the perpetrator of the crime; and use it properly. Clearly, a crime is being committed against the Libyan people. But is the Black people in America use of power in the Libyan, our Best Use? (I have addressed such decision making my new book is titled, “The Acquisition and Proper Use of Power…”)


        Absolutely no one has the right or should have temerity to advise anyone about how to use their own energy that is expended in an act to achieve justice.

         On the other hand we all have our Best Interest in mind in every decision that we use our energy on. When you don’t know what that best interest is, you suffer: many time you even expend your energy in the best interest of your enemy. You may very well decide that it is in Your Best interest to use your energy/power in the interest of someone else. Hopefully, that would be your choice.

          During Katrina, with the pain of seeing the killing/abuse against Black people on international television, there was little any of us in America could do to help that situation. I wonder how many in Libya saw what was happening to our drowning community of people in New Orleans. And there is ABSOLUTELY no doubt that many would like to have done something to help. But what could they do? Now what can we do about the situation in Libya? But a greater question is, what can we do about the aftermath of the devastation here? Now?

       What can we effectively do to impact the misguided U. S. policy? I am afraid we are in the same position that the Libyan people (the ones who knew what was going on during Katrina but was helpless)....meanwhile, my considerable time in the deep south this spring, including New Orleans, convinced me more than ever, that we must DOUBLE DOWN on taking care of our Libya/Katrina right here in our back yards/cities/communities, but especially in the deep south....we are hurting big time....nothing at all against Libya for i know they are the only nation in the world that put their money where their mouth is for us - during, so-called peaceful times...I conclude that the best we can do for any injustice in the world, is to properly use our considerable power to win our own freedom....if you want to know how you can help, see the dispatch on the fundraising we are doing to build the Nat Turner Library Garden - it is much more than just a beginning effort to feed ourselves. For More information go to It is about the building of Kujichagulia Villages in North America..............Khalifah

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