Implications of the Lawfare Against Trump

Junious Ricardo Stanton


The legal travails of former President Donald Trump are real life real time Deep State political intrigue, fodder for media pundits and topics of conversation for people who support him, hate him or are fascinated by him. Rarely are the deeper implications of his situation even ever addressed or explained in the media. No one asks for example how is it Donald Trump is labeled a threat to US democracy when there have been presidents in the past who set aside aspects of the Bill of Rights and shut down various freedoms. For example Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the War Between the States and President Woodrow Wilson waged a campaign against pacifists and dissidents who opposed WWI. During his second term, Congress passed two laws: The Sedition Act and Espionage Acts which were enthusiastically signed by Wilson that made it criminal and illegal to criticize the government or oppose military conscription. They got away with it because the US Supreme Court upheld those laws as well as the prosecution and jailing of citizens who opposed the war.

So lawfare is not new. What is lawfare you ask? Lawfare is defined as: the strategic use of legal proceedings to intimidate,, hinder or eliminate an opponent or adversary. Lawfare is used in many so called banana republics and authoritarian regimes to stifle opposition. Most astute open minded people, free thinkers and students of human nature know Donald Trump is a victim of Deep State or whatever you want to call it, warfare designed to keep him from effectively campaigning in the 2024 presidential election.

This is insane. How is it that Donald Trump was indicted by the New York D.A. and found guilty of on all counts paying “hush money” to a stripper/porn actor to keep her quiet about an affair when Stormy Daniels whose real name is Stephanie A. Clifford admitted in a documentary she accepted money from Trump years ago. I get it they are after Trump and charging him with using campaign funds to pony up the hush money was one way to go after him.

But come on now, in the overall scheme of things this was nothing. My difficulty with all of this including the other civil and criminal charges lodged against Trump around the country is, all things considered, Trump is chump change. Donald Trump never lied us into illegal wars, or killed millions of civilians to boost his profile and keep the military industrial security state corporatist war machine humming merrily along. George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all waged undeclared wars on sovereign nations often based on lies and falsehoods yet not one of these misanthropes has been indicted, arraigned or prosecuted. Bush, I and II, Clinton and Obama ruined whole countries, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya yet nothing was done to right their wrongs or hold them accountable. Joe Biden is a career grifter, and warmonger who as VP was eyeball deep in Ukrainian corruption and kick backs, yet the media gives him an eternal pass. What’s wrong with this picture?!

In stark contrast Donald Trump ignited the ire of this powerful technocratic military security cabal by challenging US participation in NATO, threatening to reduce funding or pull out of this appendage of the US empire all together. Trump tried to take another approach dealing with Russia to end the rancor and mistrust but he was demonized for it. The warmongers went bonkers. Trump became persona non grata to the shadow government when he actually took the steps to defund the World Health Organization which was ostensibly created to promote global health and well-being; but in recent years has become a globalist agency to push their nefarious agenda they went nuts!

So now Trump has been convicted yet his immediate predecessors are walking around Scott free reaping huge rewards for their evil and warmongering. Is this justice? How do we as a sane people reconcile the fact past US presidents routinely waged wars, assassinated world leaders, plotted and executed the overthrow and collapse of numerous sovereign governments costing suffering and the lives of millions of our fellow human beings yet they have never been held accountable?! Meanwhile local and state governments go after Donald Trump on nickle and dime level charges.

I am no fan of Donald Trump, he is an insensitive narcissist and his economic policies proved to be a disaster. His trade wars with Canada, Mexico, the EU and China did not turn out well and caused major problems for American farmers, manufacturers and consumers. Despite his rhetoric he failed to reduce the US trade deficits or stop the outsourcing of jobs and capital flight. Trump bought into the COVID scam and his bogus Operation Warp Speed for repurposed inadequately tested mNRA injections is still reverberating negative consequences for people’s health but have been a boon for Big Pharma’s bottom line! The stimulus money accelerated the nation’s debt crisis which Biden’s policies have exacerbated.

I certainly am not advocating Trump get a free pass; what I am saying is, his predecessors should also be facing their day of reckoning either in the US or world court! Food for thought.

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