The God Complex


The God Complex

Junious Ricardo Stanton


“Experiments that involved placing cells from one species into another actually date back decades. As far back as the 1960s, scientists were attempting to create a cross between quails and chickens, and in 1973, other researchers reported the first mouse-rat chimera. Chimeras are made by placing cells from one animal (of the same or a different species) inside another. This is distinct from hybrids, which result when animals from two different species mate with each other, and mosaics, which are made of genetically different cells from the same fertilized egg.” Why Scientists Have Been Creating Chimeras In The Lab For Decades- Nathaniel Scharping

        The extensive marketing of experimental mRNA research is still quite controversial despite the media propaganda designed to make us believe they are safe and have no negative consequences. mRNA is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to research and experiments that could have monumental adverse consequences for humans. There are, unknown to us, numerous examples of what we formally called “mad scientists”, modern Dr. Frankensteins working assiduously in their laboratories to create entirely new species called chimeras, hybrids and mosaics!

         It reminds me of the Last Poets song The White Man’s Got A God Complex “I'm making guns! (I'm God! Oh,God!) I'm making bombs! (I'm God!) I'm making gas! (I'm God!) I'm making freak machines! (I'm God!) Birth control pills! (I'm God!)
Killed Indians who discovered him! (I'm God!) Kill the Japanese with the A-bomb! (I'm God!) Killed and still killing Black people! (I'm God!) Enslaving the earth! (I'm God!) Done went to the moon! (I'm God!) I'm God! I'm God! I'm God! I'm God! I'm God! I'm God! I'm God! I'm God! I'm God! I'm God! I'm God!”

          Yeah, the ruling oligarchs think they’re god. They have moved beyond cross-pollinating plants and flowers and crossing animals like a horse and donkey to make a mule to accelerating a new order of perversity and depravity. These Frankensteins want to usurp the natural order altogether using their GMOs, Franken-seeds, poison fertilizers, designer test tube babies, gene splicing and man made species to create their Brave New World Order!

          Since they are megalomaniacs and psychopaths they can rationalize any form of degeneracy by couching it in the names of “progress” and scientific benevolence just like they did with TNT, dynamite, the atomic bomb not to mention their longer history of biological weaponry and warfare.

          “Creating chimeric animals in the lab raises a raft of ethical issues, some old and some brand new. A group of researchers lays out the main controversies in a 2016 Nature review paper. The health and welfare of a chimera would need to be taken into account, as with any animal scientists use in the lab. Would chimeras experience additional suffering as a result of their interspecies heritage? Are they being treated well during their lives? Donor stem cells are also sometimes taken from human embryos, which has raised concerns in the past among some groups. Human stem cells harvested in this fashion might be used for chimeras in the future. Inserting human stem cells into an animal blastocyst to create chimeras means that those cells might go on to become part of many different tissues and organ systems as the animal develops. The consequences of that kind of widespread integration of chimeric cells aren’t currently known. But it’s conceivable that some of those cells might end up being neural or germ cells. It seems likely we’d view an animal with brain or reproductive cells from a human differently than one with, say, human liver cells. In those cases, the ethics of ‘humanization’ start to become more meaningful.” Why Scientists Have Been Creating Chimeras In The Lab For Decades- Nathaniel Scharping

           Does their quest for crossing species barriers come from their history of inbreeding with Neanderthals and Denisovans? According to many anthropologists all humans except people from the interior of the African continent where homo sapian sapians originated have Neanderthal DNA. What are the historical and physiological implications of this fact in this issue of chimeras, hybrids and mosaics?

            The proponents of this type of experimentation always use verbiage telling us how this is going to be such a good thing, how it will greatly benefit humanity. This is a sample of that propaganda: “Transplantation research is a lucrative field because the demand for healthy organs far exceeds the supply. Many people die while on the transplant waiting list. Animal organ supply can match demand, but such xenotransplantation has historically been shown not to work; for example, the world’s first heart transplant in humans in 1964 in Mississippi by Dr. James Hardy (a brilliant surgeon who also performed the world’s first lung transplant) involved implanting a heart from a chimpanzee into a man, but the patient sadly died within hours due to significant interspecies incompatibility. But a human organ grown in an animal may circumvent such interspecies rejection and provide a higher donor pool to meet the waiting list demand… Chimeric research isn’t done just for transplantation. The scientific possibilities of studying how genes, stem cells, and embryos interact between different species seem almost endless. Although the science is exciting, there are legitimate ethical and moral concerns.” Human-Moneky Hybrids: Have We Crossed a Boundary? Scientists’ progress towards creating chimeras raises major ethical questions by Priyad Ariyaratnam

          Here is a general rule of thumb I think we need to live by, anytime the oligarchs and their minions use the word ethics or the term ethical questions in a sentence or paragraph, you know there is some funky stuff coming down the pike hat is not in our best interests!





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