The Empire Is In Trouble

The Empire Is In Deep Trouble

Junious Ricardo Stanton



I watched the Presidential “debate” last night, it was bad. America is in trouble. The world is either in total shock or laughing their behinds off at the display of feeble-mindedness and narcissism on all the major networks and global media.

Whew, it was bad. At several points I couldn’t help from laughing at others I felt sorry for this country even though I know we are witnessing Karma playing itself out here. The whole “debate” hype was nothing more than gaslighting and political and media theatrics, it was all sizzle, no substance.

I was watching a baseball game but turned it off to check out the “debate”. When I turned back the home team was losing and it was going into the ninth inning so I turned back to the debacle. I originally decided I wasn’t going to watch it but I changed my mind. I decided to take a peek just to see how the two men would conduct themselves and how the so called moderators would control the proceedings. We’d heard so much pre-event yakety-yak about strict adherence to the agreed upon rules, how microphones would be cut off so the candidates couldn’t go over their time limit or be able to talk over one another. This was supposedly so the “debate” wouldn’t devolve into soliloquies or personal attacks. Well so much for the rules.

First off Donald Trump never directly answered a question, not one. He went on immediate attack criticizing Biden the whole time. Even when the moderators came aback and asked him the question again he only directly answered at best one or two of their questions during the whole time! He rattled off declarations that were not fact checked and the moderators did not hold him to a standard of veracity so the whole affair was a charade. It was bad.

Joe Biden was never in the game, Trump seemed to catch him off guard early with his bombastic claims about how great he and his administration were and how pitiful Biden’s is. Biden never recovered. In fact for about a full third of the time Biden liked like a deer in the headlights, dazed, confused and his responses were what some would call sentence salad which is akin to oratorical dyslexia where the speaker’s words are jumbled or uttered in such a way they don’t make any sense. When Biden had a grasp of what he wanted to say which wasn’t often, his words never came out with conviction or authority other than the times he called Trump a liar. It was so bad that when Dana Bash asked Biden a question and he went blank or started sentence salading she either changed the subject, or turned to Trump which in effect saved Biden by the bell! Is was bad.

It was painful to watch, it was not America’s finest hour politically. The American Empire is in rapid, steep and steady decline, that so called “debate” is just another symptom of the Empire’s implosion. Not only weren’t the two major political parties’ candidates up to snuff intellectually, neither one able to discuss the issues of the hour, demonstrate their familiarity with the issues or offer solid solutions to the pressing problems this nation is facing. Not only that, they weren’t even mature enough to conduct themselves with the decorum fitting for the occasion.

Personal attacks were the order of the day. Trump jumped on Biden early and often and Biden never was able to use verbal Ju-Jitsu to make Trump look silly or incompetent. Neither candidate appeared “presidential”. Neither man’s body language exuded confidence or a sense he had the situation under control. Neither man could be called a deep thinker on that stage. Even the post “debate” commentary admitted Biden did not do well which is an understatement.

Both men resorted to childish verbal attacks on their opponent and Trump appeared to get thoroughly under Biden’s skin. Biden seemed frustrated by his own lack of mental acuity which prevented him from responding to Trump or even answering the moderators questions effectively. It was bad. It was apparent Biden was not having a good day and things never got better for him as the event went on despite what the Democratic spinmeisters said following the debacle.

Biden did not perform well but the real loser in that debacle wass the American people. That sham went out around the world and now people judge us based upon what they saw last night. It was not good. The world must be befuddled. They are asking themselves and each other, how is it possible the United States only has these two as major candidates for the highest office in the land?! Surely there must be others more adroit, articulate and knowledgeable people out there who could better represent the American people. Why wasn’t Robert Kennedy Jr allowed to participate; at least he would have presented alternative viewpoints and positions and added deeper analysis insights and solutions than these two did.

This was the earliest debate in history. The political parties have not even had their conventions or formally selected their standard bearers for the 2024 presidential election yet! Does this mean that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are the set in stone candidates for 2024? If so this puts the American people in a major conundrum, a fix of unfathomable proportions. Who do we vote for if you think the system is salvageable? Are there viable alternatives other to these two? Don’t you think we deserve better? Or is this country so far gone this is all we can get?

It’s not that the other world leaders are great statesmen and women themselves, its just that we rarely see that type of debauchery on display in other nation’s political campaigns. This is bad.

Sadly I do not think this will get better, that Joe Biden will bounce back or Donald Trump will offer serious solutions to the pressing issues facing the world today. I’m reminded of the Roman Empire during its rapid decline, it suffered a series of corrupt leaders who were unable to alter the downward trajectory of the empire until it eventually collapsed of its own corruption, decadence and hubris. Even Donald Trump kept saying the country is in bad shape. Based upon what I saw last night, he is correct.


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