the day the niggas took over

hetep, i remember a song that dr. dre produced and rapped on called the day the niggas took over. it was in reference to when the niggas on the west coast went to taring shit up because of the not guilty verdict that was handed to them by the enemy state for having their henchmen kick rodney king's ass. yes it was clearly racism and brutality all mixed together, and they had the shit on footage to prove that it was. they just knew that they had a fire proof case, that them p.i.g.s. were going to jail.but when they were set free the niggas went on a rampage, and caused millions of dollars in damage but to their hood community, which didn't amount to shit. they got material reparations if you will, hijacking all kinds of consumer products like dre said he had a vcr in the back of his car. it was the day the niggas took over, because the p.i.g. state was caught offguard and reginal deny was in the right place at the right time. the niggas had blood in their eyes like george jackson and wanted revenge.but then when the enemy state regained control of the occupied colonies that the niggas have found themselves in since lawd knows when, the niggas no longer reigned supreme. their day of takeover came to a screeching halt, as the national p.i.g. guards rolled through and played target practice on a bunch of unorganized niggas, who had taken over for a day. so, back on the plantation the niggas went. back to the same ole shit err day. the same ole song and dance of do or die, get it how you can, in the grinder of so-called black on black crime.well, it looks like the niggas done recently had another day where they took over again. this time, it was november 4th and their victim was the president's chair in the oval office of the white house. yeah, the niggas took over but not without the help of some good white folk, as opposed to the bad white folk who are racist to the core. guess that was the only difference between the rodney king rebellion and the glorious and historically monumental day of november 4th. the niggas were so elated that they cried tears of joy. they had finally had their ultimate dream come true-a black man as the president of the united snakes of amerikkka. now, the niggas, especially the ole ones, can go to their graves knowing that they got a chance to see a black man get elected as president of the snakes.and let us not forget that they can also take their black asses right back onto the plantation, do their masters' bidding and continue their lives as second class citizens. the day that the niggas took over has come to a screeching halt, as the powers-that-be will pick up where dumb ass bush junior left off, via obama the black pied piper and his campaign of change amerikkka can believe in. and the beat goes on!uhuru!

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