THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO ALL MY BLACK SISTERS HOLDING DOWN ON THE FRONT-LINE IN REAL-TIME.Sister's, Enoch Mubarak has nothing but love for you. If it weren't for you the black man would have long ago expired. In real time the black woman is holding the front-line of African American existence, but that's not her job and because it is not her job, I have a bone to pick with the black man.The black man must come correct and relieve the black woman from the front-line. It is our job not the black woman's job to defend our right to exist in and beyond the 21st century.It is the black mans inherent responsibility to secure the 21st century for the least of us. The black man must not be allowed without challenge to escape his responsibility to move us up into the percentile of survival.In the 21st century African Americans are in fourth place. We are in fourth place at a time when there is only enough natural resources left for first and second place to strategy over.As many of you sisters are wives, mothers, professional life coaches or personal coaches I would venture to say that you are compelled to show compassion for the tortured souls of black men but as a man I implore you to stand down with your spiritual compassion for them.Cease and desist enabling the black man with spiritual verse that allows him to escape his responsibilities. Not only should the black man live up to your expectations the black man should exceed your expectations.The next time the black man comes to you with his "girlfriend dark day problems"," You don't support me issues", or "It's hard on the boulevard for the black man issue " Don't respond to him with coddling bible verses or hold him in your bosom of understanding and female compassion instead open your bibles and tell him about Gideon.It is your spiritual compassion and willingness to look the other way that allow the black man to escape his responsibility. He escapes his responsibility by claiming to have done all he can do so he decides to just stand.Instead of letting the black man cry on your shoulders tell them that "Enoch Has Risen."Tell the black man that, "You owe him a loving, not a living." Tell the black man that you understand that there is no work but that is still no reason for a man not to work.Sisters, I personally congratulate you for your endurance, courage, dedication and resilience. You sisters are doing an outstanding job on the front-line by holding,advancing and protecting our right to exist.You beautiful sisters are Black History in real-time. I salute each one of you. Each of you deserve THE BLACK STAR OF COURAGE and maybe the black man will recognize your constant contribution, dedication, struggle and sacrifice.If justice is the final motive in this situation then the black man will see to it that you are duly presented and honored with THE BLACK STAR OF COURAGE.Enoch MubarakPresident & CEO Mubarak

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