THE 179th ANNIVERSARY OF NAT TURNER’SHEAVENLY VISION CELEBRATED ON THE 5th ANNUALBLACK HISTORY MONTH GATHERING 2/20/10By H. Khalif KhalifahJANUARY 19, 2010SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VA - Nat Turner received a “Heavenly Vision” when he ran away from the Slave Plantation in 1825. He was gone for 30 days. When he returned he got a lot of flack from fellow captives who ridiculed him for voluntarily returning to captivity. Of course they didn’t know what he knew, and as Elder Osirius is fond of saying, “they didn’t know they did not know what they didn’t know.”There is much that we still don’t know about Nat Turner, especially during the time when he ran away. But he told us the things we do know about the time. The things he did allowed him to find his Life Purpose.What he needed to do to fulfill the purpose came in what is commonly referred to as one of the “heavenly visions of Nat Turner.” And it told him that he’d been too concerned about the things of this world. Instead, he must forsake them and “First Seek the Kingdom of Heaven” and all the things he was after would be added.“I heard a loud noise in the heavens, and the Spirit instantly appeared to me and said the serpent was loosened, and Christ had laid down the yoke he had born for the sins of men, and that I should pick it up and fight against the serpent, for the time was fast approaching when the first shall be last and the last shall be first.”The vision made it clear to Nat Turner that what he needed to fulfill his Life Purpose was in the “Kingdom of Heaven.” In this use of the quote from the New Testament, it meant ‘prepare yourself to receive the things that are in The Kingdom of Heaven.’ The vision was the clearest yet that “he was destined for some great purpose in the hands of the Almighty.”Obviously, he was not in position, or condition to receive them when he experienced the vision. But Nat Turner knew what to do to get into position. He was of no doubt that what he wanted would be possible if he had what was in The Heavens: Proper knowledge of self had already told him what he wanted more than anything on earth; that was Freedom, Justice & Equality for himself, his family and fellow captive Black people in the United States of America.After receiving the vision and realizing his Life Purpose, according to Nat Turner, “I spent all my time that was not in service to my master in prayer and mediation.”To get ready he fasted, prayed and meditated to achieve what he wanted more than anything else on earth. He also kept his mouth shut about his Life Purpose. When he had done the things to get ready received a unique Heavenly Vision.This Heavenly Vision came in a solar eclipse on February 12, 1831. The vision told Nat Turner he could confide his purpose to four trusted captives: Nelson, Sam, Hawk, and Henry. He told them what his mission was. They joined on to the mission. From that day on, they were united in an unshakable bond of brotherhood. In the Brotherhood they made careful plans and set a date from which to enact their plans.The date chosen was July 4, 1831. But after all the strategy, and planning for every eventuality they could think of, they could not plan for the unforeseen fact that leading up to July 4, Nat Turner became seriously ill. So at the last minute they had to change the date. They chose as a new date, August 20/21, 1831.Came that August 20, they had one final meeting at a place called Cabin Pond. And after a final strategy session that Sunday evening at Cabin Pond, they began their attack by killing slave owner Joseph Travis, the surrogate owner of Nat Turner. He was surrogate because Nat Turner’s real owner was just a boy.After Killing Joseph Travis and the slave holders family and confiscated his valuables & etc., Nat Turner took the time to form a Black Liberation Army: he gave them the only military training on the Travis Plantation.He and his men then marched in the direction of a place called Jerusalem – visiting death on a carefully chosen series of slave plantations in route. At each plantation they visited, the BLA marching orders were to, free the captives, recruit others into the Army, kill the slave owner and his family, and keep time to get to Jerusalem.THE 5th ANNUAL BLACK HISTORY MONTH GATHERINGThis coming Black History Month, February, 2010, we will revisit the march route of The Black Liberation Army. The date is February 20 to commemorate the 179th anniversary of the Heavenly Vision that released Nat Turner’s secret about his Life Purpose. It will be a prelude to the 5th “Black History Month Gathering Dinner,” and maybe dance.The Tour of the Nat Turner Trail will be conducted for what I estimate to the 2,000th person who have “re-visited” the route to Jerusalem with me. We still have seats on “the bus” so anyone of a mind to really get to know the story about Nat Turner, there is no better way to get the information than to take “The Living History Tour” in Southampton County, Virginia.Previous Black History Month Gatherings have evolved a unique way to collectively Group Teach our history. It will be a pleasant surprise to everyone, except for individuals who have been to one the prior four.The Tour will be $30 per seat, which will include the 5th Annual “Black History Month Gathering & Dinner” in the Nat Turner Reference Library.For more information about the Black History Month Gathering, go to Or call 434-378-2140. You can also receive more information at: or www.blackbooksaward.comKhalifah is A Senior Tour Guide for The Nat Turner Trail. He lives on a farm in Southampton County that is reportedly the Birthplace of Nat Turner. He is the author of several books; 2 on the life and Revolt of Nat Turner. He is also the publisher of several hundred books. He next written book will be released on April 29, 2010: “The Acquisition and Proper Use of Power.”

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