taxation without representation

hetep,i've heard say that the rapper young geezy makes a comment in a rap song that portends that he had a dream or vision that obama became president. and that, in the same song, he makes the remark that if obama's assassinated they riddin. riddin on who? who is the they he talkin about? guess he talkin about the skin heads or kkk since it's been thrown out there that they are the ones who were plotting to kill (oops assassinate) obama. or will it be another one of those things like what happened after m l king was killed by the illuminati and r king was damn near beaten to death by the p.i.g.s., and then got his dumb ass on tv and said "can't we all just get along." beyond that they ain't riddin on shit, because they wouldn't have the slighest clue as to who actually wants him dead, strictly for political, that's not to say that it wouldn't be the skin heads or kkk, because they take that white house shit serious, because of the white symbolism that it has come to mean to the white supremacist system. and i'm not necessarily implying that young geezy is totally ignorant. but it goes to show how black folk will defend someone who doesn't even identify with their situation, who doesn't relate to their class status, as being from the other words, why is young geezy showing that kind of brotherhood or solidarity for a nigga who wouldn't be caught dead or alive with the world of so-called gangster rap. he wouldn't dare let his daughter go to a young geezy concert unless young geezy begins to sell out to the establishment and then they throw some event which makes it look like obama is down. and let us not forget niggas will do anything for money, since the dollar bill is worshipped more than God in amerikkka. young geezy's showing of brotherhood reminds me of the ole slogan taxation without representation, which black folk espoused in the sixties, because they were being taxed but not represented in government. and the beat goes on!uhuru!

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