Course on Ancient Egyptian History:

3 Millennia of Excellence - A Brief History of Kemet's Major Personalities

Anika and Jabari Osaze
For More Information:  Tel:  (646) 403-9677

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Baltimore Lecture Small
Historian Jabari Osaze Conducts Workshop Entitled, Ancient Kemet: Birthplace of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland


Learn the History of Our Ancient Egyptian Ancestors! Taught Live In-Person or Online!


Course Offering:

3 Millennia of Excellence - A Brief History of Ancient Egypt's Major Personalities



15-session, college-level course on Ancient Egyptian history from an African perspective.  Taught by Jabari Osaze, historian and Kemetic Priest.  Learn the History of the great African nation which gave civilization to the world!



In order to allow scholars to take this course regardless of geographic location, each class will be taught at a location in Harlem, New York and webcast live on our website.  Classes will run approximately 1 hour.  



Only $25 Per Class; Discounts for Prepayment Available! Digital Versions of Required Class Text Included (A $65 Value)! 


To Register or For More Information, Please Visit: 


Call (646) 853-0496 or Email  


Take a Free Class! Who is Imhotep: Father of Medicine - February 8; 8 PM - Limited Spaces! Click Here and Register Now!


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About the Institute: 

The Ma'at Institute for Holistic Education, a program of the Center for the Restoration of Ma'at, provides education on ancient esoteric wisdom to the largest population possible through affordable in-person and live-streamed online venues. Have you ever felt that modern society, with all of its technological advances, has lost something? Left its soul far behind in a distant past. Drawing primarily from Ancient Egypt, the Ma'at Institute brings this knowledge back into modern practice.


Online and In-Person Course Categories:

World History, Language, Wellness, Cosmology, Spirituality, and the Moving Arts (Click Here for More on Our Categories)


Upcoming Courses:

Ancient Nubia: Mother of Civilization

Introduction to the Medu Neter (Ancient Egyptian Language)

Sacred Geometry and Mathematics



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