surface politics

hetep,there are so many things that have come out of obama winning the oval office's chair, which is no more than political makeup for the powers-that-be across the ocean. but because of the false concept of black leadershit the black collective masses are made to actually believe that obama has become the most powerful man in the world at the push of a machine's button. and black folk can pat themselves on the back for making it happen and being a part of history, the history of all amerikkka's pitiful history.and so i'm hearing things like we done took over. we have a black house now. we've defeated white racism. racism has gone to its grave, because a black man has done the unthinkable. and black folk are so elated. they can reflect on the ole song and long time coming, i know a change gon come. the fairy tale dream has come true. end of story.okay enough of the surface politics, because that's all obama's victory will and could ever be. as long as the power structure of white supremacy ain't been shaken or overthrown white folk know that they don't have anything to worry about, beyond the realization that some of their own kind were responsible for letting a nigga get into the white house. white folk know that as long as their white priviledge ain't been taken from them they ain't got nothing to worry about, beyond obama giving a concession or two to the black middle class, which will give the appearane that he helped black long as white folk can continue to have their kind of cirriculum taught in the various levels of mis-education, as long as white folk know that ain't nobody trying to burn and replace their amerikkkan flag, as long as white folk can continue to practice a sick and wicked european culture, they ain't gonna worry about a thing. only niggas, who ain't got a damned clue about anything that pertains to what power really is or what it's predicated upon, would actually believe that because obama became the 44th president that the lives of black folk is gonna drastically change for the better.just the fact that black folk are starting to believe in amerikkka now that they have a black president is a testimony of how the white ruling class establishment has mastered the manipulation of the emotions of the black psyche. the minute obama was declared president was the minute that the black revolution took a serious blow that it obvious must recover from, which means that revolutionary philosophy must be turned up a few more notches, not like it ain't already.obama's victory has become the new psychological shield which most black folk can use in order to shield themselves away from their ultimate reality-a clash with the enemy state, and a bloody one at that. a fitting way to lead to ending this ranting is by quoting field marshall george jackson: "patience has its limits. take it too far and its cowardice." obama is both the last of them limits and a show of cowards, who would rather switch than fight.uhuru!

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    Obama is assembling his cabinet with many from the Clinton adminstration, along with advice from the creator of the Tri-Lateral Commission, Zbigniew Brezinski, and major World Financier, David Rockefeller. So we shouldn't expect too much from this administration. There is even some suggestion that they try to role over everyone's 401K's into Social Security, thereby, in acuallity, confiscating it. In addition he is advocating that everyone 18 -25 years of age be required to perform some type of "community service" . This is similar to what Hitler and the Soviet Union did in years past. Just something for everyone to think about.

    didn't i say the man was backed by the Bilderberger group? Illuminati and Skull and Bones? how did i know that? well, as Nobel Drew Ali use to say, "when you know the nature of a thing, you know what it will do!" IF this saying sounds familiar its because in the movie Blade, Wesley Snipes' character is telling this to N'Bushe Wright's character when they are chasing the wanna-be...

    so with this information in hand, what on earth is the thinking of the world in reference to Obama... or does the world have this information? and without it, is it possible for the world to think in an INFORMED manner? or is opinion enough?
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