Subject: Support Services,Healing Circles, and activities. for Females of African Descent who have experienced abuse,violence, incarceration, etc.It's Time For ACTION....If you (or someone you know) are a female of African descent who has experienced violence, abuse, or violations of any form, (molestation, beatings, harassment, exploitation, stalking, intimidation, rape, sexism, racism, detrimental manipulation, torture, threats, etc.,there is now (starting in Aug. 2009) help and healing especially for you.The Million Woman Movement International and Black Women's Defense League (BWDL) now offers a variety of Support Services, Healing Circles (for survivors, their children, and family members), Prevention Workshops and Self-Defense Classes in addition to other related activities for Females of African Descent who have experienced abuse,violence, incarceration, homelessness, and other transitional or life altering situations.This program is very unique because the fundamental approach is not only holistic but African-centered, utilizing the understanding of history, culture, and traditions that are indigenous to Peoples throughout the African Diaspora with in some instances modified for today's purposesServices include (but is not limited to):Goddess and "Mother of Civilization" Recovery, Self-Discovery, and Empowerment - each Sistah has a specific story, a specific set of circumstances, rhymes & reasons, and a specific purpose. It is knowing (thyself) and understanding some of the dynamics of ones true being that a better and more comprehensive effect and outcome on both external and internal happenings can occur. The application of this process provides greater awareness and access to ones own abilities, value, self-respect, inner power, and freedom.Confidential Reporting - allows a report to be made without necessarily providing name and other revealing information. This is often an initial step in the healing process as well as an aid in the first phases of documenting cases of violence and abuse especially if any future actions are ever sought, requested, or deemed necessary.Group Therapy and Healing Sessions - allows for free expression and the release of emotional distress, concerns, and while providing strengthening and, connection with others who understand andWholistic Self-Defense-mental, physical, and spiritual insight and training to avoid and better respond to violence and abuseLegal Counseling and Assistance- consist of in taking of information, reviewing, evaluation, further processing for possible filings and other related actions regarding complaints and cases.A pro-bono legal team and volunteer's unit is being established to assist with consultations, filings, and reserachTo volunteer or for more information e-mail: officialmwm@yahoo.com or BWDL7@aol.com

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