Stop Mimicking Your Oppressor!

3828829011?profile=original                When our leadership, particularly Black elected officials, mimics white officials We loss any real tangible progress towards justice and equality We might have thought We had made.  Black teachers have always been leaders in the Black community.  But when Black teachers start telling our children "I've got mind, now you get yours", We should seriously question the leadership merits of such teachers.
                Because of the racist history of the attitudes of whites towards Blacks, We expect white teachers to be heartless and uncaring about our children's education.  We are not surprised that white teachers would say disparaging and demeaning words to break the spirit of ambitious Black children.  But Black teachers who get frustrated with our children's behavior should know better.  We should expect that "trained" Blacks educators, you would think, would look for alternative soulutions to the problems of educating our overactive high strung children.
                Black People!, Stop Mimicking Your Oppressor!  Revisit your African Cultural Roots and allow The Village to help you raise your children.  Black People!, allow The Village to help train-up your child so he/she does not stray when he/she is grown.  Black People!, demand that the Black People you elect as your leaders lead you out of the oppressive system of white supremacy not further into the belly of the breast.  Black People!, demand that "The Village", including Black teachers, actively engage our children for the betterment of our community.
                Medgar Evers was once quoted to have said, "Every time I think about my kids and their innocence, i wonder how whites can make the youngsters suffer so.  i guess that thought keeps me in naacp work."  Of course, that was during a time when he saw naacp work as, "We're going to get Negroes registered and voting despite the literacy tests.  With that basic political power, We'll continue working toward economic strength", according to his own words.  His work was to build collective Economic Black Empowerment within our community.
                Every Black Man and Woman in mississippi, and throughout america, should fully empathize with Medgar Evers' passion for justice which he expressed this way, "A close friend of my Dad's was lynched when i was 14 or so… He was supposed to have insulted a white woman.  We would see his bloody clothing still on the field months later.  Some of the blood spots looked like rust on the grass. i vowed then when i grew up, i would dedicate my life to changing such injustices."  Those of us who do empathize with Medgar's Love for mississippi, are also dedicated to changing this state, and nation, to what it should be.  For us to do that, We have to Stop Mimicking Our Oppressor!
Yo' Little Brother Symposium
for our 10-16 years old sons
part of the Rites-of-Passage Project
at the Jackson Medical Mall - Suite 3415
contact Baba Lukata for info 

Baba Lukata
Afrikan-centered Cultural & Educational Consultant
i revel in the thought of us talking again very soon. 
& see what follows
(Afrikan_TBT) for the love of our people
The Challenge - "Impress Me!
w/ your deeds, not your words"




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  • Caricom

    Malcolm X once said: "Only a fool will turn over the education of his children to his enemy". We are currently enslaved in a white supremacy system designed to destroy blacks "by any means necessary". The recent scandal with the CDC deliberately injecting a vaccine into our children that will cause autism is just one example. The murders of our children all over America by the KKK dressed as "peace officers" is yet another one. With all of the wealth flowing through the black community, yet we own nothing and control nothing, is yet another example of the result of poor education and denial of information, especially as it relates to our identity. Until and unless we get our identity straightened out, nothing positive will happen for the masses of our people. So, where can we go for accurate information about our hidden history?

    This might come as a surprise to you, but the Word of God is our history book. In fact, our history goes back further and is more detailed than any other civilization on earth, including Egypt. Yet, we have been denied access to our history.

    Nature hates a vacuum, thus blacks in America make bad decisions regarding their identity. Some of us identify with whites (our enslavers), some identify with native Americans (our enslavers), others with Islam/Arabs (our enslavers) or Egypt (our enslavers) or the white Jews (our enslavers).

    What is it about black Americans that causes us to desire to identify with our enslavers? Is it a form of Stockholm Syndrome, where the kidnapped, brutalized victim forms a desire to please their captor to prolong their life? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe we, as a people are under a "curse"?

    In the past, I have encouraged those who peruse this blog to investigate their true identity which is clearly spelled out in the Bible. If we read Deuteronomy 28:15-68 we find a graphically detailed description of a unique form of slavery that has been experienced by only on group of people - blacks of America. What conclusion can we draw from this prophecy written 3,500 year ago? We are true Hebrew Israelites. We are the "lost children of Israel". Don't take my word for it, read it for yourself and ask: "Who, in all of human history, has experienced theses "curses"?  Us. 

    Suddenly, we understand why our names were changed, our language changed, our worship forbidden, learning to read or write forbidden, why our ancestors were dehumanized, brutalized, raped and afflicted in every way imaginable. No wonder so many of us have emotional and mental problems. No wonder we cannot think straight and why our behavior is self-defeating and self-destructive. No wonder we wrestle constantly with issues of self-worth, integrity, loyalty and self-control. No wonder we have this latent sense of outrage at the way we and our people are treated and valued as less than human.

    To come out of this deep chasm of affliction will take a miracle of God. Imitating other national groups or trying to emulate financially successful counterfeit Jews is not the answer. The answer is to recognize who you are and the divine place on the world scene reserved for you still.

    May this message reach the hearts and minds of some of God's people, for our deliverance is nearing. The current crises America and the world is experiencing tells us that we are in the "great tribulation" right now. (Matthew 24:21, 22) Most will perish, a "remnant" will survive. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will survive. Shalom family.

    • South

      Your presentation is the best so far that has touched me.  You understand our problem and as I have said and you have said also; unless we sankofa our roots, there will be no solution to our plight and many years will come before may be we may find a way out of this Western chattel slavery system. But you did not suggest what we must do. Please, you can reach me on 240-417-0299 pr email: Please, we need your mind and understanding of our plight to leave a documented legacy to our children's children, our posterity. Jon us at and Do your best to reach me. I love your comprehension of our plight. Kariba of Chicago is also versed in your thinking.

    • West

      I think its equally important that we all stop mimicking the opressor i continue to beleive theres a little white man and a little white women in all of  us simply because we have been totally submerged in european culture' and even when you talk to some of our people about the neccessicity to change they want to talk about the parts of western culture they would like to hold on to. every thing about european culture is dangerous to the african thought we must detox ourselves from european thought. We will never receive justice and equal opportunity looking to a flawed system to provide those things for us.

  • South

    This writter is either sleping or is comatose. What do you expect the enslaved African leadership to be?  Aftaer all the years of slavery, chattel slavey, jim crow, separate but equal, aparthied, discrimination; that black Africans are Satan because we our skins are black and the color of satan of Europeans and Arabs is black?  All that we know is what the masters have taught us. In fact we have been deprived of our names which could have left a little bit of Africanity with us and they knowingly failed to provide us with formal education. Please even as we speak, both the continental and Diaspora Africans are Europeanized and Arabized in religion and culture and in social behavior.  If we can mimic the best of the Europeans, our communities will be better off. Take the Jews, they follow strictly the best of the Europeans and now they are managing their own affairs in America. Take us, most of our leaders are Ministers of Jesus Christ. Don't you like to be a Christ like person?  Since the majority of our leaders are Ministers, are you saying that by mimicking European Christians our African leaders are misleading us? The greatest mimic is in the Church of white men and now with the Arabs mosques. How an African can become a Moslim is beyond me if they have any knowledge of what these Arabs and Christians have done to make us chattels. I say to all African descendants: You can forgive the Europeans and Arabs but do not forget our history. But we seem to forget our history and forgive the Europeans and Arabs about the atrocities they committed against us. Have the Jews forgotten the ATROCITIES committed by Hitler? The answer is emphatically NO. Should we forget the 100 million Africans uprooted, enslaved, made nameless, culturaless by Europeans and Arabs. Our answer is NO.  

    • Greetings Dr. Kofi - We can not continue to be confused about what is Afrikan.  mimicking jews and/or arabians just because they have money and/or are "successful" in this society is not the ask to the questions/issues that ARE plaguing Black People.  look at the nonsense outlined below. there are steps to correcting the problems facing Black People in america and throughout the Diaspora. Learning to stop being like your oppressor is only one step, which should lead you to be more Afrikan.  because We "need" leadership, i spoke of issue ii observed with to groups of "Black leadership", educators and politicians.  please re-read the essay and try to see where i was asking them to stop misleading our people.  there are others to be discussed, but for now my concern is for the "Black Leadership" that is primarily given the responsibility to educate our children and the one primarily recognized as "elected" by the people.  changing OUR behaviors to Afrikan-centered is not going to be easy or swift, but it is absolutely necessary.  i'm trying to change mine and i'm hopeful/prayerful that other New Afrikans are also trying in a practical and pragmatic way.

      • South

        My Dear Lukata, you seem to misunderstand our confrontations with the West. Individuals come and go but the community lives on forever. For example Dr. King, the only African that I have met and known came and went. The amount of work he did was monumental but now where is it? We must think of institutionalization of the solution to our plight to make any meaninful change of ourselves. It is in this direction that I am trying to show you that, the Jews by adobting the Law as enabled in our state and federal laws are able to gradually bring about a change among their people. Is there anything wrong in adopting a success?They are so successful in changing the Jews that they are the one group of peole I know that have a twelve story building own by B' Nai Brith at 17th Street and Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington, DC.  You can go there any time in they will be working for themselves. We do not have individuals that are imbued with the racial pride to strive to create institution for us. Apart from NAACP AND Urban Legue, there is no African centered organization that is willing to carry on what you are suggesting. As an Individual, you are just one out of the fifty million of us. If you really mean business, let us sankofa our roots by joining and   

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