Urge Gov. Perdue to Grant Clemency for Troy DavisI am writing to urge you to use your authority as Governor of the state of Georgia to commute the death sentence of Troy Davis, in order to ensure that Georgia does not put to death a man who may well be innocent. I believe you have the power to do so, and I believe you must use it in this case.According to the Georgia Constitution, the State Board of Pardons and Paroles does not have “exclusive” authority to commute sentences in death penalty cases. After the Georgia Constitution was ratified, the Georgia Legislature divested the Governor of the power to grant pardons or paroles, but it has never divested the Governor of the power to commute sentences, including death sentences.In this extraordinary case, where a man with a strong claim to innocence may well be executed without a court ever holding a hearing on his claims, I urge you to act in the interests of justice and commute Troy Davis’ death sentence. An execution in this case, without a proper hearing on significant evidence of innocence, would severely compromise the integrity of Georgia’s justice system.As you may know, Mr. Davis was convicted of the 1989 murder of police officer Mark MacPhail, a conviction based solely on witness testimony, and seven of the nine non-police witnesses have recanted or contradicted their trial testimony. The courts, citing procedural rules and time limits, have so far refused to hold an evidentiary hearing to examine these witnesses. Executive clemency exists, and executive action is required, to preserve justice when the protections afforded by our appeals process fail to do so.I strongly urge you to take such action now and commute the death sentence of Troy Davis. Thank you for your attention to this extremely serious matter.go to to sign this new petition thank you!malcolmx4_t2i1.jpg?size=180&crop=1:1Help save a life!A man who is almost certainly innocent needs your help, and fast.On Friday, the Georgia Department of Pardons and Paroles is going to meet and decide if he should be executed.They will either take into account compelling evidence challenging his guilt, or they will choose to ignore that evidence and allow his sentence to stand. They have to power to stop this indefensible execution and we must implore them to make the right decision.Troy Anthony Davis was convicted of the murder of off-duty Savannah Police Officer Mark MacPhail in 1991. No physical evidence links him to the crime, and he has steadfastly maintained his innocence. His conviction was based solely on the testimony of witnesses. There was no other evidence against him. Since his trial, seven people who had previously testified against Troy changed the story they had told in court.Some witnesses say they were coerced by police. Others have even signed affidavits implicating one of the remaining two witnesses as the actual killer. But due to an increasingly restrictive appeals process, none of this new evidence has ever been heard in court.Can you take 30 seconds and help save the life of a man who is almost certainly innocent? You can learn more and take action here:

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