STEVE COKELY Funeralized In Chicago Saturday May 5th -- 300 attend community service

· Former Chicago Mayoral Aide, Aldermanic Aide, Activist, Researcher STEVE COKELY, Funeralized in Chicago Saturday May 5th -- 300 attend community service at Fernwood United Methodist Church, Eulogized by the legendary Rev. Al Sampson


Hotep… Steve Cokely entered into this life on June 17, 1952, born to Lawrence & Lillian Cokely (both parents preceded him death. Steve attended De La Salle High School where he was an avid baseball player. Steve also attended Northern Illinois University where in college and in his role as a NAACP youth leader, his political activism began. Steve met Nataki in 1981 at a Chicago Board of Education hearing where they testified against the controversial hiring of a non-resident, Thomas Ayers as its CEO. They were married December 17, 1982, and two children were born, Stephen II and Nakia. Steve’s career began with the Department of Justice, and included Bobby Wright Community Mental Health Center, Chief of Staff for Aldermen Marian Humes & Eugene Sawyer. He later became Mayoral Aide to Mayor E. Sawyer who succeeded Mayor Harold Washington. (Chicago Alderman Rod Sawyer, son of former Chicago Mayor Sawyer attended the funeral)

Steve began a full-time career as a political researcher and lecturer, traveling the country delivering lectures and speaking at universities and community organizations. His main commitment was that of researching and revealing the secret societies that control world economies and politics. Steve frequently toured with noted activists/lecturers Khalid Muhammad and Dick Gregory. Steve is survived by his wife, Nataki Coleen Cokely, son Steve Cokely II, daughters Nakia Cokely and Ma’at Cokely, and step-son, Rahsaan Gordon. Steve is also survived by his brother Joe Turner (Barbara), brother- in-law Clifford Jackson (Nancy), mother- in-law Juanita Gilmore, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, cousins, and a very special community of friends and supporters across the country.

A Memorial Fund has been established by the family at Bank of America, Acct#2174709499 Donations can be made to Coleen Cokely or Nakia Cokely

Order of Service

African Drums

Welcome La Toya Jackson

Prayer Rev. Al Sampson

Life Reflections



Olomingi Akua (Deborah Johnson)

Poetry Orron Kenyatta

Life Reflections Will Crosby Lewis Myers Harold Davis

Special Reflections and Reading Of The Obituary Mark Allen

Music Tribute Sax Preacher, (Darrell Wilson) “Open My Heart”

Community Speaks (2 minutes, please)

Eulogy Rev. Al Sampson Closing *****************************************************

Just got the sad note that yet ANOTHER one of my old school mentors and allies has made his transition. Brother Steve Cokely was one of our grassroots champions who help give me and a lot of young activists coming up our moral authority on how we moved and organized on college campuses across the city and state. Steve Cokely worked with us when we worked with the late Dr. Donda West (mother of Kanye West) at Chicago State University and formed The Illinois Alliance of Black Student Organizations that became the driving source of youth support for the 1987 Re-Election Campaign of Chicago's First Black Mayor Harold Washington, and The Midwest Youth/Young Adult Committee for Rev. Jesse Jackson's 1988 Presidential Campaign.

Thank God for the life and legacy of another friend and allies of over 30 years, Brother Steve Cokely. (Mark S. Allen)

(From Minister, Author/Publisher James C. Anyike) Bro. Steve Cokely has made his transition to the ancestors. Steve was a brilliant man who came to the forefront in civil rights in the 1970s as a young "rising star" in the NAACP in Illinois. Aside from a short period of work as an aide to Chicago Mayor Eugene Sawyer during the 1980s, his main commitment and work was that of researching and revealing the secret societies that control world economies and politics.

I first met Steve in the mid 80s. We became good friends quickly and often shared the same platform as speakers at various college events throughout Illinois. We also shared many meals, road trips and discussions about Black liberation. Steve was the first person to teach me about the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger Group, Rothchilds, Rockafellers, Skull and Bones, Boule, Council on Foreign Relations and several other secretive individuals and organizations, and how their activities were leading to world dominance in the form of a "New World Order." His commitment to "name the names" and uncover "the beast" was unshakable,..."CHECK!!!" We had many discussions about speaking tours and books to publish. I very much looked forward to our working together many more times. May we always honor this fearless warrior who made many sacrifices for us.

Alfred "Coach" Powell also commented on James C. Anyike's photo. Alfred wrote: "I will miss lecturing and debating with him....this brother had no fear, he worked for the people!!!!!! R.I.P.!"

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    rest brother...........the message BOULE chaser Stephen COKELY...............i LISTEN.............tutaonana

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      Thanks for sharing your warrior spirit with all of us! 

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