Tune in tonite to: In Defense Of The People Radio at 7:00 pm central, 8:00 pm eastern; brought to you by the People's Political Party, hosted by National Chairman Nat Turner and National Minister of Defense, Brother Motherland, with our National Minister of Communication, Sister Aminaa Oshun at the controls, as WE discuss the government's FBI's modern-day Counterintelligence Program or COINTELPRO that was once chiefly directed at the Black Panther Party in the 60s and 70s - on account of the contradictions that arose due to an irreconciliable relationship between people of Afrikan descent and the state which is to be defined as the politician, the businessman, the judge and the police who work in a concerted effort to maintain the status quo - white male-patriarchal rule otherwise correctly defined as the white ruling class who, along with a great number of lower sector whites have amassed itself an array of black, brown, red or yellow flunkies to serve as direct gate-keepers of the rest of the so-called non-white population specifically black and brown people. Yet, WE are not oblivious to the class antagonisms between OUR mortal enemies and poor whites who themselves have been parcelled into various factions under the capitalist system and therefore must decide their fate in not so monolithic terms which will further pit whites against white.

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