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Something's Fishy In Orlando


            In the aftermath of the shooting in Orlando it appears that there are numerous anomalies many critical thinkers and skeptics are pointing out about the government narrative. Many of these anomalies have become standard operating procedure in what are becoming increasingly apparent in these psychological operations/false flag ops. There is something very fishy about the Orlando shootings. I am not saying people weren't shot injured or killed in the Pulse nightclub, what I am saying is the corporate mind control apparatus/government propaganda machine's "official" narrative do not add up.

            What first caught my attention was the media kept replaying the same scenes over and over again: we repeatedly were shown the exterior of the nightclub, police cars with flashing lights that had cordoned off the immediate area and repeated scenes of "civilians" assisting the wounded.  Even as time went on, hours passed and the days wore on the scenes didn't change that much except for the various people interviewed. What raised a red flag for me was what we were not shown: the inside of the club (granted the carnage may have been to gruesome to show), we did not see any ambulances on the scene or vans transporting injured people or body bags from the nightclub or scenes outside the medical examiners office.

            We saw the FBI, mayor, several local elected officials making statements but no hospital or coroner representatives were ever shown explaining the process of identifying the victims or the types of medical treatment they were getting. To me this was extremely fishy and indicated there is something amiss in this affair, something irregular and even nefarious. Again I am not saying there was no shooting, I am saying the narrative, media accounts and visuals are disingenuous.

            When I first heard about the incident I scoured the Internet to get more information. Obviously not everything on the Internet is factual but it is a valuable source of information and a way to cross reference and double check what has been reported. based upon what I saw, immediately I became skeptical. According to the reports an off duty police officer working security at the nightclub engaged the perpetrator Omar Mateen in a gun battle outside the nightclub at which time Mateen ran into the club. Another version stated Mateen went intothe club and a firefight ensued with the security guard.  Then three additional police officers responded and they went into the club and engaged in a firefight with Mateen.

            But according to several eye witnesses there was more than one shooter and one man even blocked the exit preventing people from escaping! The corporate mind control apparatus has so far ignored that lead or account. Then we get several differing accounts about what happened inside the club. They say people ran into the bathroom. Was it the same bathroom or different bathrooms? Supposedly Mateen came into the bathroom(s) asked if there were any Black people in there? Supposedly one person responded yes. One witness said Mateen stated "he didn't have anything against Black people". Another witness said Mateen started shooting wounding and killing several patrons who were in the stalls several who were Black!?

             Then he supposedly barricaded himself in a bathroom with hostages for three hours. Subsequently SWAT teams arrived, the order was given by the Orlando Police Chief and they created a "controlled explosion"; meaning they blow a hole in the outside wall of the nightclub (which supposedly allowed several trapped patrons to escape). Then after that they breeched the bathroom wall and several more hostages ran out. Subsequently Mateen came out shooting and was subsequently killed by police and Sheriff's officers.

            Amidst all the focus on Mateen and the accounts by the media talking heads there were no visuals of the inside of the nightclub or bodies being removed in body bags. The initial reports stated Mateen used an AR-15 but when people started saying that weapon was used in other mass shooting, the story changed to he used a Sig Sauer MCX.

             Okay I can see that as an honest error, but then again it wasn't changed until a few days later when people like me made the connection with Orlando and other mass shootings and the use of an AR-15! In a piece I initially wrote about the shootings, I questioned the designation of the Orlando shooting as the "deadliest mass murder in US history". I pointed out massacres of Indigenous peoples here in this country and the deadly race riots in Tulsa Oklahoma as far more deadly.

            The mainstream propaganda machine countered by saying the Native American killings were military actions while the Orlando shooting was a individual action. No mention about Rosewood or Tulsa was made in the Washington Post rebuttal to the supposed "conspiracy theories" about the Orlando shootings.   The Washington Post gave the modern definition of "mass shooting" as " more than four people killed in a single incident by a criminal gunman (or, rarely, gunmen or gunwomen)." Then they provide a list of US mass shootings and the number killed. Many of these incidents are also suspected by many as false flag ops.

            More and more people are questioning the official narrative and critiquing the photos and visuals. One thing that stands out is that it was civilians who were rescuing and treating the victims not first responders. Where were the first responders other than the police in all this?

            There is strong suspicion many of the so called eye witnesses are what are called "crisis actors" people who are paid to act like victims, give prewritten accounts of the happening or act like grieving friends relatives and bystanders. A key way to tell is if they don't shed real tears they just mimic emotion. We saw some of that with the Orlando situation.

            In one visual some "civilians" carry a "wounded" man and place him in a open ended pick up truck!? This was all for show because the truck doesn't drive off and even if it did who knows where it went?

            Who benefits from something like this whether they were directly behind it or not? There are several very obvious agendas at play here. We saw one when it was stated that Mateen (correctly or not) was a radicalized Muslim linked to ISIS even though no actual proof was supplied, so the anti-Islam perpetrators win. The deep security state and military industrial complex win, the US CIA Director just testified before Congress that ISIS is at the gates. The media wins because events like this generate more viewers, more advertising and they can sow more fear, more anti-Islam booga booga, which in turn generates more money for domestic spying and draconian laws to further the police state!

            Homosexual, transgender, alternative lifestyle activists really win. They mobilized so fast it was almost like they were ready in waiting for something exactly like this to happen. They have defined it as a "hate crime" even though no facts have been provided to support such a claim. CNN has been using this angle since Monday, gaining sympathy, empathy and connection with the GLTBQ communities. Now they are saying Mateen was gay himself so where is the hate angle?

             Of course the anti-gun crusaders will win there is even talk about repealing the Second Amendment to the US Constitution! Obama and the Democrats will push for more gun control laws and guns will be demonized rather than the criminogenic, violent culture we live in.

            Who loses? Us in the form of more mind entrainment, more laws that treat ordinary citizens as terrorists and more of our tax money  being used to fund the deep security police state as opposed to fixing the infrastructure, the economy and working for global peace.  Don't fall for the okey doke, keep an open mind, question everything and think for yourself!




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Well written observations about this event. Unfortunately, I am so hardened against main stream media, I don't even watch it anymore. I think your suggestion is to use the internet, judiciously, to try and ferret out the truth. Someone, somewhere has bits and pieces that, when put together reveals the outline of a "staged event". 

What an insane society!!!


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