Social Reengineering



Social Rengineering

Junious Ricardo Stanton

 Social reengineering: the use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behavior of a society.


            The response to the COVID 19 pandemic is prompting the reengineering and restructuring of the world’s social system as governments grapple with ways to stop the spread and ostensibly keep their citizens safe. I say ostensibly or supposedly because in many ways the “solutions” are more draconian than the virus.

            Remember how after 9-11 the ruling class and their media told us America would never be the same again? Remember how the Bu$h administration chose to respond to 9-11 as if it was an act of war rather than a terrorist crime? Remember how 9-11 enabled the government to go on a global rampage of wars under the guise of their bogus War on Terrorism? Remember how the US invaded Afghanistan when the Taliban had nothing to do with 9-11 and all they asked the US government for was evidence Osama bin-Laden was the culprit? Remember how the US government refused to give the Taliban leaders any evidence whatsoever and invaded their country anyway?!

           Do you remember the anthrax scare right after 9-11, when deadly anthrax was sent through the US mail to select Democrats who questioned and pushed back against some of Bu$h’s policies? Do you remember how Bu$h invaded Iraq based on lies?   Did you know that the USA PATRIOT ACT was written and sitting on a shelf way before 9-11 happened? Do you remember how the media made us afraid there was a terrorist around every corner? Do you remember the see something, say something campaign?

          Do you remember a time when you didn’t have to go through airport screening, cavity searches and baggage checks? That was before 9-11. Do you remember when you weren’t spied on 24/7 or treated as a potential terrorist? That was before 9-11. Do you remember the ruling class telling us their imperialist wars would last generations?  That was after 9-11. Do you remember George W. Bu$h shouting, “you are either with us or you are with the terrorists”? Do you remember what the ruling elites did to dissidents like  talk show host Phil Donahue, the singing group Dixie Chicks and Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who dared to question these policies?

         All of that is social engineering. Social engineering is not necessarily a bad thing. It is negative when the planners are doing it to usurp authority for themselves; creating and using it turn us into mindless automatons and compliant zombies. This is what the ruling class is doing now, using COVID 19 as a way to reengineer society ostensibly to protect us. I get it, it is the duty of leaders to protect their people, look out for their best interests and safety but that has not always been the case.

           We need to keep in mind, if the ruling class was really concerned about our health, safety and welfare they wouldn’t allow companies to produce and sell defective products, foods laced with GMOs, and poisonous additives nor would they tolerate the fact US pharmaceutical companies spend far more on advertising and marketing than they do on research and development. We need to keep in mind there are people in this world so demented, callous, so power mad and greedy the will engage in the most despicable behaviors to get what they want.

            The current response to the COVID 19 is social reengineering. Fear is being used to condition us to go along with whatever the government says and demand a solution. Yes we should quarantine infected people yes we should practice good hygiene, get plenty of rest, eat healthy nutritious diets and use common sense, but social isolation is not good. Human beings are social creatures. We grave and need social interaction, engagement and contact. We need the nurturing and feeling of intimate belonging to truly be healthy! Shutting down the daily lives of the masses is social reengineering which may prove to be counter productive if it is maintained over a long time. Check out for chilling perspective on this.

            Another way of dealing with this would be to resort to indigenous ways of healing using indigenous knowledge systems to restore wellness. Traditional African people knew healing is a social construct, that isolation is only a temporary solution. African healing is based on the concept of Ubuntu “weness”, community, inclusion, empathy and sharing. Traditional African healing was about restoring harmony and balance, harmony and balance with the omnipresent spiritual realm and the ancestors. It was about restoring harmony and balance within the family and village and harmony and balance within the person.

          Yes they used herbs and even surgical operations but they also used rituals and ceremonies to call on the spirits for intervention, to promote closeness, interaction the restoration of harmony balance and healing.  There are many ways to see and address a situation and our circumstances, perhaps we should entertain alternative responses to COVID 19 that do not disrupt and undermine the basic human need for social interaction.



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