Sleepwalking Into More War

Sleepwalking Into More War

Junious Ricardo Stanton



Over the past few months we’ve witnessed the United States collaboration with a brutal campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine specifically Gaza and Rafah. Israel’s heavy handed response to an Hamas attack which is extremely suspicious in terms of it being a total surprise to Israel security forces are indisputable war crimes. Denying civilians of Gaza, clean drinking water, cutting off electric power, blocking humanitarian aid and food, deliberately bombing hospitals and refugee shelters and the indiscriminate targeting of civilian infrastructure are crimes against humanity no matter what the pro-Zionist corporate media says! No amount of rationalization, obfuscating, disinformation and gaslighting are going to alter the fact Israeli ethnic cleaning campaign is a crime against humanity.

University students generated massive media coverage by their protests, demonstrations and their demands for peace and disinvestment from Israel are a stark contrast to the decidedly pro-Israeli legacy media’s unabashed support of the ongoing carnage.

However, the student demonstrations have taken the spotlight off of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine which is draining vital resources and taxpayer funds that could be better used here in America to rebuild outdated crumbling infrastructure, subsidize the construction of affordable housing and strengthen existing public safety nets.

Both Ukraine and Israel are siphoning critical resources but more importantly they are contributing to this nation's rapid degeneration into a mass consciousness of rabid militarism and all war all the time. We are destroying our minds and souls with incessant war profiteering and human carnage. We are validating Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1967 declaration,”the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today, is my own government.” For his truth and pacifism King was murdered by a collaboration of government forces.

We have been down this road before yet the Biden administration and the whole congress are totally committed to the stupidity of supporting a corrupt Ukrainian regime unwilling to admit it is losing the war and has virtually no chance of turning the situation around. Nevertheless the US is not only spending exorbitant sums of taxpayer money we cannot afford, the US misleadership and their European allies and vassals are hellbent on keeping these wars going, eschewing peace negotiations and aggressively prodding and enabling the Ukrainian misleadership into attacking inside Russian territory using Western weapons! There are increasing calls by US and European politicians and NATO spokespersons for Ukraine to directly attack targets in Crimea and Russia.

Do these imbeciles actually think Russia is going to stand passively by and allow that to happen? I don’t think so. Is NATO that insane? Have they no shame? Are they that callous they don’t care about the global consequences of their decisions, or is their real agenda massive war, death and carnage? Based upon what we have seen the past year the Ukrainian war is a disaster which will not turn out well for Ukraine or NATO.

Simultaneously Israel is determined to wiping Gaza off the map and in a classic tail waging the dog scenario, Israel keeps the US and UK governments in its grip by using bribery, extortion, honey traps and the baseless canard of antisemitism to achieve their objectives. Thankfully college students recognize warmongering and genocide when they see it. Unfortunately too many of us older folks are too somnambulant to see what is going on and have allowed the media and the government to gaslight us into acquiescing to genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Where are the sane people, where are the good people, where are the people who see the road this nation is traveling will lead to escalating global disaster, slaughter, suffering and possible collapse? Have we been so cow-towed and punked by the warmongers we are unwilling to stand up for peace, be counted for doing what is right and having the courage of our convictions? Where are the people who worship the man who said, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God”? Where are those who say they abhor violence, war and killing? When will they speak up?

We are sleepwalking into an expanded era of conflict, war and death. Will we wake up in time before it’s too late? The United Kingdom is planning to re-institute conscription, a mandatory national service for males 18 years old and up. Germany is reportedly considering conscription also. Is this a step towards forcing young men into military service? Will this spread to the other Five Eyes partners Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the US or other NATO members?

I don’t think conscription will go over well in the US, the military is already struggling to meet their quotas with a volunteer system. The only way it would fly is it used as a way to fast track immigrants to US citizenship. Unless we snap out of our dormancy we will find ourselves face to face with a real time war, not the proxy wars our leaders have been fighting.




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