Should EPA change the date??

Got a call from  EPA Region 6  Israel Anderson (, the Region 6 Associate Director for Environmental Justice at 214-665-3138. To say that Rep. Pat Smith will be out of town on August 9 & 10 and would we mind if they moved the meeting to August 14th. He orginaly told me the meeting was to hear what the people had to say about the June 14th Exxon Spill which Exxon originally said was a spill of 10 pounds of benzene but actually was more than 28 thousand pounds.  The day after ExxonMobil was sited and fined by DEQ Exxon reported it had been leaking 444 pounds of   Cyanide into the Baton Rouge air per day.  Rep Smith is a former employee of ExxonMobil.  What do u think about changing the date? (please reply and pass it on.)
Stephanie Anthony

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