self-defeatist niggas!

hetep,over the years, i've come into the unfortunate mind frame that plagues the black psyche. it's called self-defeatism, which says that, since the white man has projected himself as an unbeatable, invincible entity, no one, including the black man, can go up against him and win. this is centrally predicated on the realization that the white man has amassed the planet's largest military machine, equipped with all the trappings of science and do so at the level of childhood or during what's called prior conditioning, whitey has used the character of superman, a clever-thinking, muscle-bound white man to project himself as the ultimate and superior fighting machine.recently, i've encountered a brotha on the blacklist forum, who replied to one of my commentaries on the illusion of obamaism, obama being another white man in black face, or the fact that obama is just the latest trick the white man has used, in order to keep the black collective in a stupified, comatose state, for the sake of the maintenance of whiteness, in a sea of blackness.unfortunately, the same brotha has fallen victim "to the white man can't be beat" psychology, therefore rendering the black collective null and void, in terms of genuine freedom, one that will have to be fought for in bloodshed. it is these type of niggas that we have to keep out of our midst whenever revolutionary politics is given the spotlight, because they are the same ones, who will come up with every excuse not to panther party field marshall george jackson once said that "patience has its limits. take it too far and its cowardice," a truism that will create the line that should be drawn, one that will separate those of us willing to die for our freedom and those of us who are nothing but utopian visionaries, trying to play both sides of the fence. on one hand, they're propagating a pretended blackness, leading the chant in the slogan "black is beautiful," while, on the other hand, they're pledging alligence to the united snakes flag, which exposes them as accomplices of white capitalism.there could be no more greater service for the white man, on a psychological level, than a bunch of self-defeatist niggas, who hold the white man, as their invincible lord and master, willing to help him crush the spirit of social revolution, by telling those of us, who are black revolutionaries, that going up against the white man in a protracted war is not the answer, because "he can't be beat."uhuru!

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  • South
    This would be funny if it was not so sad:

    Reply by Mickel Hendrix aka Nat Turner on June 5, 2009 at 2:12pm

    fool, just because you were alledgedly born on a plantation don't mean that you're the only one who knows what a plantation is.

    fool, i've learned all that shit too, whatever you wanna call it. but, i don't spend time trying to project myself, while, at the same time, practice black clascism, by not wanting anything to do with those who have been criminalized by a criminal system, the same criminal system that punked alot of the early proponents of pan-afrikanism. because them niggas were just a bunch of middle class intellects, who always went-a-begging the british for their freedom, until they finally realized that wighty wuddn't budging.

    What have you done for Africa lately?

    i wonder why you keep trying too! see, what you fail to realize is that they ain't 'my' political theories. instead, they are the peoples theories because of experiences with an evil people, the same people who finally realized that liberties ain't to be given. now, who was it that said that? clue: it was a white man himself, mr. know it all.

    Darn tooting. Now you finally got it straight. Them there theories are white people's theories that you keep throwing at us. They are based on European experience and develped to solve European problems. Congratualtions. Mr Hendrix finally got it all figured out, it seems.

    Now, what he is yet to admit is that in order to solve African problems, we must have African theories developed by African theoreticians, intelligfentsia. Copying your European masters will not do. Ask Dubois.

    again, you don't know what i really know, because you don't interact with me on a consistent basis. if you think that you can gather me because of a few posts, then you're fooling yourself. or better yet, you're making an ass of yourself, something that you have been consistent at throughout your antagonizing replies. but, come into the lion's den in my neck of the woods, where the real soldiers at and test your shit, see how far it will take you.

    Been to Somalia lately? What about Sudan? I know you have not been to Zimbabwe. But, did you have enough guts and common sense to support the legitimate government in Zimbabwe? Or did you Tom out and back that War Criminal bush and his co-War Criminals rice and cheney? We all know the answer.

    really though, which one is it gonna be: the original wheel or reinventing the wheel. or lemme guess. a new wheel.

    Well, it seems you "guessed" wrong. I still believe in the old wheel.

    because you want us to think that you're the only one with a correct analysis, while you opt to shoot us down, because we ain't drinking your brand of philosophy.

    Look. I am not here to "shoot anybody down". I do and will continue to oppose the manner in which you seem to want to strip us of our human dignity by calling us n-words and such as that. Furthermore, this is not my "analysises". I learned what I know in terms of understanding revolution in general and the African Revolution in particular, by spending many years studying and practicing what Imam Malik ash-Shabazz, Kwame Ture, Kwame Nkrumah, Abdel-Nasser, Sekou Toure, Amilcar Cabral, Marcus Garvey, Booker T. Washington, Martin Delaney, Alexander Crummel, Fredrick Douglas, Martin Luther King, and many, many others had to say. All I am trying to say is very, very simple: study African history. And, I did not invent that idea. Malcolm taught us that. Nkrumah reduced it to a science. So, I do not re-invent wheels. I accept what the forefathers left us. Instead of re-inventing things, I try to build on what was left to us. That is the best I can do. You sabby?

    well, you keep on keeping on with all that slick talk, while brothas like me go where the ball really is. you can keep talking on top of the hill, while brothas like myself go down into the valley mingle with the people. i'll tell them you said hello, that you said they need to be in jail. alright?

    I am the people. I am only one of many.
  • South
    "The system is set up to give you allowances so for a limited amount of time and that time is running thin."

    No do do? What that got to do with it? I did not invent Pan-Africanism. And, I ain't stupid enough to try subplant "black nationalism" with it. When I am no more, Pan-Africanism will still be here for a very, very simple reason: there is no other solution to our problems.

    Its been 50 years, now. Uncle Julius Nyerere and his ilk has been warning us about this along. They chicken. Cowards, Scared. Frightened. Trembling in their boots for 50 years taliking about "...the time is running thin." Hell, at least have enough sense to take that garbage to Voice of America and get paid for it. But, true Pan-Africanists do not buy no wolf tickets. We are pan-Africanists preciely because the "system" has screwed us for our entire lives because of our "race", ethnicity and relationship to Africa. We lost fear long ago.

    AFRICA MUST UNITE! NOW! "...the time is running thin" lol
  • South
    Okay. What is "feeling their collective pain" going to do? We need solutions to problems, not more insults and tearing down the African Nation. And, that is exactly what this n-word non-sense does: it cause us to loose what self-esteem and self-love we have. Self-love is the natural state of a person. And, when we show such contampt and hatred for our own people, it is not normal or natural.

    What I see happening here, is a coniving so-called revolutionary who is actually absolutely reactionary, attempting to use the suffering of the most oppressed, most misused, most vulnerable members of the community to advance a selfish agenda and to glorify his own ego.

    What if he actually comes to power in this manner, the same way that Hitler came to power on the suffering of the German poor people? What will he do? Will he make it easier for them to the education and preparation they need in order to not have to "hustle" on the street corner? I doubt it. What is likely to happen, is he would use them as cannon fodder to adavance his own self interests even further. In Hitler's case, he pushed a weird sort of racism to the point of the worse war in the history of mankind. Would Hendrix actually attempt to etnic cleanse the Arabs from Africa? If he did get rid all of the Arabs, the Berbers and the Moors, how would that benefit the poor, illiterate brother selling dope on the corner, to say nothing of the prostitute selling her goods to every "white man" that comes along?

    This is why this wannabe fascism makes no sense. It makes me want to puke. The Black panther Party found itself in a similar situation. They had mobolized large numbers of gang bangers with weapons and no enemy to fight. So, they murdered police officers. When they were not killing cops, they were just as likely to be killing each other and selling dope on the side. I( recall an instance in which Huey Newton is said to have pistol whipped his tailor.) So, somebody came up with the idea of a Free Breakfast Program for school kids. What problems did that solve?

    A few of them ran for public office and tried to use street people as cannon fodder to moiblize voters. The one or two who got elected, what did they do? I know of nothing of much importance that ever came out of BPP politics. So much for "black nationalism".

    What we need is Black Power. To get Black Power, we must Unite Africa. This would be the basis for building upthe African military for self-defense, not a bunch of thugs shooting pistols in the alley. Unity would also form the basis for Economic Development. This would command respect for Africans all over the world. People would no longer treat us with contempt and pity by donating pork and beans whenever we get hungry. We could feed our own people, including those on the street corner.

    It is so simply, really. And, it would be so easy to do. All that needs to be done is to do it. We have been kicked out of slavery. The modern economy does not need much labor anymore. So, there are nearly 1 billion Africans in the world with the most valuable piece of land in the world and have no idea what to do with it. Use it or loose it. Unite so that we can have enough of a pool of money to finance the Economic Development of Africa. If some folks love violence so much, let them join the African Army and go to help liberate Palestine.

    This is what "black nationalism" is really all about. It is nothing but so much noise to keep us from thinking about and dealing with the real issues. For instance, we need to set up a central bank in Africa. Guess what... You right, "black nationalists" decided to waste the next 20 years to do that. Give me a break. They have already wasted the previous 50 years. A common currency is something that should have been done and could have been done 50 years ago. But, the "black nationalists" insisted on going slow. Here it is 50 years later and they want to take another 20 years.

    All that is needed is to appoint a banker to open a bank and print the money. Don't seem hard to me.

    The botomline is we are own worse enemies. Do not tell me about the brother and sister on the street. What have you done for them, lately? What have you ever done for them other call them n-words?
  • South
    See. I knew you a short attention span. It is so severe as to be attention deficit disorder is it?
  • South
    I know what you are talking about. But, I am not so sure I want to go there with you.
  • South
    "I have yet to see him tell us what the word to describe the melenated ppl was in the indigenous tribe His ancestors came from in Africa-since there were so many tribes and so many languages there wasnt just one."

    My ancestors were Africans. I have never done much research into this. But, I strongly suspect that most of my people came from East Africa due to the family resemblance. That being said, take a look at the people in East Africa. Northward, around the Horn, many are called Arabs. Even present-day Somalis have a lot of Arabic/Berber resemblance. If we take Ethiopia and Eritrea, there are a lot of resemblance to the other East Africans in Somalia. Many Somalis actually live in Kenya. Then there are the Seychelles and Comoros that were particularly vulnerable to the slave trade.

    When we come down to Madagascar, I have done enough research to know that large numbers of slaves were taken from that area. Many Malagasis are of Asian derivative. Frankly, many look just lkek Asians with a yellowish complexion. Perhaps this explains the recurrance of a a yellowish complexion in my family as I know of no Euroepan intermixture in recent generations. There may habve been some going back to 1700's prior to Jim Crow. But, it has been so diluted that there is no memory of it.

    The bottomline is we are Africans. And, it has little to nothing to do with skin color.

    "If he knows his indigenous language then he should just speak and type in that language and trash English altogether and stop complaining over trivialities. Since he wants to teach he can start teaching us his indigenous language. If not he is just being a bobble-headed hypocrite as far as Im concerned."

    I invite you to my Arabic program at 11am Sundays. Contol Click here: We can also study Somali after the Arabic class, for anyone interested.

    I am not a linguist. But, I have been told that all of the languages of East Africa are related in various ways. Thus, in Somali we often have three-four words to explain one thought or idea. And, if we are to study Amharic and Swahili, for instance, a knowledge of the other languages cannot hurt. But, of all the languages in Africa, Arabic is probably the most imprtant because it is most widely used as a language of commerce and politics as well as of religion. All three major Abrahamic religions are either directly in Arabic or clsoely related languages such as in Hebrew and Aramaic. The Latin and Greek is a diversion, more or less. We can get religion without the European languages. But, we cannot get it without the Semitic lanugages in Africa.

    "When we get free we can argue about 'etymology' because we will be self-governed and wont have to deal with certain issues we are combating now and can focus on a 'common' proper terminology of Our own origin. Nows not the time."

    We ain't never going to "get free" as long as we stick our heads into the sand or into a cloud of marjuana smoke and ignore our history. All we will ever accomplish is endless debate about the merits of calling each other insulting names.
  • hetep sistar qwueen,

    if they were in afrika during the time of the mau mau rebellion, them negroes would have been killed by the mau mau.

  • South
    “"You better start talking about producing some education, food and energy for all the people you're barking about freeing."

    Sounds good, but in case you haven't noticed-whenever our people attempt to do the things you mentioned on any collective level or the idea in action gets too popular to the point where we seem like we can actually become self sufficient on a grander scale it gets shut down by this system.”

    I have to agree with Zen on this point. This is why we must build things in Africa. And, African nationalism means building a defense capacity to protect what we build. Look at what has happened in Somalia. Half of the Somali nation is in the Diaspora. Now, that nobody is there to defend the country, the enemy comes in and dumps nuclear waste and fish out all of the seafood. African nationalism is about building up a defense force, especially a continent-wide coast guard to prevent that from happening. Had we had such a coast guard, there would have never been a slave trade.
    • uhuru!

      "...African nationalism..."

      dude, you are so fulla shit. and don't realize the contradictions in your own statements. now, you're using the expression "African nationalism," which is the same as saying black nationalism.

      yet, you say that black nationalism is different from pan-afrikanism, which you had substituted with afrikan nationalism. as a matter of fact, there was another black man name edward wilmont blyden, who, in the late nineteenth century, coined the expression afrikan nationality, when he was one of the early propagators of pan-afrikanism, which is what he meant when he used the expression afrikan nationality.

      one thing i've learned is that there is a point that i must know when to cease dialoguing with someone, who just doesn't want to get it, because it enters the realm of fruitlessness. it isn't that the person can't get it. they just don't want to get it, out of sheer assholism.

      • South
        "dude, you are so fulla shit. and don't realize the contradictions in your own statements. now, you're using the expression "African nationalism," which is the same as saying black nationalism."

        "Black nationalism" is a spaced out copout. Africanism ia about Black Power on a piece of called called Africa. If there is to be violence (I will not say "rebellion") it must be in the form of legtimate soveriegn African militry power, Black Power. It has absolutely nothing to do with fighting the "po-folks", police. We need police to defend the peace and to defend Black Power. African police are Black Power, Africanism.

        If you want to use the word "black" say Black Power. What's the matter? You cannot fool me. Black power is Pan-Africanism/African nationalism. "Black nationalism" is a bad, sick joke, at best.

        "it isn't that the person can't get it. they just don't want to get it, out of sheer assholism."

        Study history. History point to ideology. I know exactly what these words mean because when we first called for Black Power, the "black nationalists" said we were talking about "violence". So to avoid sayinf Black Power, they said "black nationalism". It is tricknology. They want to divert attention away from the real deal. Chicken. Cowards. When they lose an arguement, they run and pretend to not see the point.

        When we say Pan-Africanism, they say "black nationalism" because they darn good and well that we cannot Unite Africa without the Arabs. Then they confuse themselves because they think Umar Al-Bashir is an Arab because he is a Muslim and he speaks Arabic, as if an an African is too dumb to speak Arabic. When Brother Umar reveals that he is an ethnic Nigeira, SILENCE. They know what that means. Nigerians surrounded Biafra and starved out millions of "rebels". Brother Umar is too much of gentleman to resort to that kind of bloodletting. But, it is well within his power to do so.
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