The Million Woman Movement of PA
in Cooperation with The Black Women’s Defense League
Community/Village Forum, “Speak Out” & “Teach In”     
Fri. March 2, 2012     6:30-8:30 P.M.

AT: Tustin Recreation Center  56th & Columbia Ave.

Topic:  What Can We/Must We Do To Address
Our Young Girls: “Violent, Abusive, Destructive Behavior &
(mis) Conduct”
“It’s Not Just About Bullying
It’s Time That We Connect The Dots ……………….
And See The Bigger Picture.
     We must Understand Better,and more realistically, What The Problems Truly Are, and implement the necessary, well rounded  holistically "REAL" Solutions….  
Parents, come out and bring your Daughters, Nieces, etc.   
Community & Group Leaders, Professionals, Business Persons, Neighbors, Clergy, etc., Come Out and Bring Your Ideas, Suggestions, Resources, and Commitments.

For more information contact: The MWM/BWDL at:  or call: 267-636-3802

The “Saving Our Daughters” (SOD) program is an official MWM special “Direct Action” initiative that is a part of the Lil’ Sistahs Sistoring Program.  SOD is a positive intervention, prevention, and holistic interaction geared to and for girls of African descent ages 7-17 that is uniquely designed to counter and rid of negative influences and thought processes, lack of self-esteem, lack of discipline, etc.  The strategic process and administration of this has been developed by females of African descent who have either direct (personal and/or professional) involvements or experiences, who have an appreciation for Black/African history, cultures, traditions, etc. and who are genuinely concerned and committed to proper solutions/remedies.

Upcoming SOD Sessions will be held City-wide (in Philly) throughout Women's History Month (March) leading up to the
"National Rally To Eliminate Violence and Abuse of Women & Girls of African Descent "

that will be held

May 12, 2012  at  3:00 pm 
at 15th & JFK (Philly) 
This is the "KICK OFF" Rally to launch the first national/international initiative designed exclusively by and for females of African descent that will aggressively and pro-actively address  ALL types of VIOLATIONS (not just domestic) and do so from a frame of reference that understands historical, sociological and political  significance, realities, and dynamic.
Sessions are also being planned (for March & April 2012):
 Trenton, Newark, Camden, Burlington. New Jersey
Wilmington, Delaware
Washington, DC
New York

To schedule a session in your community, be a presenter, volunteer,contributor, etc., or for more information contact:
The MWM National Headquarters at:   or  
or call:  267-636-3802
Sis. Empress Phile' Chionesu  Originator/Founder & President General

Just before noon on Friday, (2/17)  a 17-year-old girl was attacked by 8 girls, according to Philadelphia Police.
The attack happened on the street at 59th and Lansdowne, near Overbrook High School, police said.
NBC10 spoke with Brooke Bethea, victim of this attack. "I was walking and that's when they started grabbing me, punching and stomping me," said Bethea. The high school junior was also zapped with a stun gun, three times.
Bethea says she collapsed during the attack and had a seizure. The 11th grader, who weighs less than 100 pounds, has a pre-existing medical condition that includes a sickle cell trait and a history of seizures.
"They could've killed her with her being so small and everything. It's just hard," said Penny Talley, mother.
A group of at least 80 students gathered around the scene of the attack.
Rhonda Richardson, a witness who was working at a hair salon nearby, tells NBC10 she went through the crowd and helped the teenage girl inside to safety.
Richardson says the girl's face was bloody and she was "delirious." The good samaritan says this type of scene is a regular occurrence near the high school.

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