S.M.A.R.T. = Post Humanism

S.M.A.R.T. = Post Humanism

Junious Ricardo Stanton


Our culture is inundated with the concept of S.M.A.R.T. technology but few of us actually know what it means. We’re not fully aware of its growing impact on our lives and what it portends for the future of humanity. We have SMART phones, SMART TV’s, SMART refrigerators, SMART watches etc. and soon we will have SMART cities. But what is S.M.A.R.T. technology anyway? SMART is an acronym it stands for Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting technology. It is technology that has the capability of 24/7 real time surveillance, tracking and data harvesting using 5G and soon 6G technology. The very name indicates what it is up to; internal monitoring (surveillance), analysis aka data collection, filtering, and reporting (to whom?) on an ongoing basis. SMART technology is Big Brother on steroids. It is ubiquitous, it is Trojan Horse technology we uncritically bring into our personal spaces; it monitors and spies on us constantly. The government and globalist technocrats are planning to use advanced technology to make it impossible to go off grid, slip or avoid the spy networks.

You say, so what, I don’t have anything to hide why should surveillance frighten or bother me? What do I care what they are doing or why they are doing it? First of all they are using the data they gather on us in real time to create fluid profiles of us so they can sell us stuff we don’t need but more importantly to manipulate us and this is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg. To the globalist misanthropes we are mere commodities, consumers, purchasing units to be manipulated, exploited and kicked to the curb. Ultimately they want to change us into soulless automatons and cyborgs.

Their New World Order will not be like the present or the past. Work will be done by AI and robots. Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more ubiquitous. In the near future many current jobs will no longer exist or be available for humans. What do they do with those of us they frequently refer to as “useless eaters”? They will need some way to control us by stifling or taking away our desire for sufficiency, life purpose and creativity and redirecting that energy elsewhere. They are doing this now with Social Media. We are fixated on it, addicted to it, it controls our time use and dictates our values and worldview. Social media even creates our “reality”.

Soon SMART technology will become more invasive, rapidly moving into the embedding of chips, and other forms of technology they call human enhancement or Bio-Nano technology into our bodies; if we allow it. What is Bio-Nano technology? It is defined as biotechnological interface (merging, melding) biomolocules and nano materials sharing information and controlling the basic structure and function of complex biological systems (like our bodies).

It is part of the roiling out of the Internet of Things, the Fourth Industrial Revolution that globalists like Klaus Schwab brag about. SMART technology not only uses 5G to collect, harvest and communicate to the powers that shouldn’t be; it also uses advanced artificial intelligence that in the near future will collect harvest and infuse the data and input it into machines the technocrats are developing which will cross the human-machine barrier moving into what futurist social engineers like Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari , Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil call Post-humanism.

They plan to usher in Universal Basic Income a payment system where everyone gets a card and an account and you can only access your money as long as you comply with the rules and norms the global elites hand down to us. If you don’t you will be cut off from access and designated a potential threat! If you go off the reservation you will become persona non grata, be tracked, hunted down and at first subject to re-education and reprogramming and harsher forms of punishment if that doesn’t work.

I don’t know about you but to me anything calling itself post-human means something beyond or after what it currently means to be human. These Frankensteins are determined to alter the existing natural order. They admit it is another step in their ongoing program towards transhumanism; their goal is to redesign and re-engineer human biology and nature itself using advanced technology directed by their warped Luciferian consciousness on a massive global scale.

When you read their literature, watch to their Ted Talks, see their interviews and conferences they all talk about making themselves immortal and godlike. They talk about altering the planet and the social order to achieve some pie in the sky, egalitarianism where they and their acolytes (human, AI and cyborg), administer and control everything by killing off most of us through wars, pandemics, vaccines, engineered famines and transforming the remaining population into cyborgs, designer human beings (designed and programmed by them) what they call augmented human beings. They are not shy about it at all. They openly brag about this new social order.

Just like they want to turn humans into bionic beings they want to alter the natural landscape by controlling land use and transform the earth using GMO’s, ecocide and technology! This is not hyperbole or science fiction, this goes far beyond the predictive programming in films like The Matrix where the heroes are linked and hooked up to computers (machines) which allow them to fight the AI enemies controlling the planet; or the film They Live where humans are programmed and manipulated to comply with the aliens’ agenda. This is far more nefarious because it is real.

The megalomaniacs planning this hellscape are the heirs and descendants of the very people who devised and imposed this predatory and ruthlessly exploitative hierarchy upon the West and subsequently the world. Now they want to reconfigure the planet so there is not a shred of opposition to their hubris and psychopathy. They want to create a New World Order in their perverse image and mindset. They want to be the new gods of earth ruling over a new species of beings on a transfigured planet.

If they were really so altruistic they’d just give up all their money and resources and redistribute them to the masses, they’d relinquish their hold on the reigns of global power, allow humanity to guide and govern ourselves allow us to introduce more humane ways of doing things. But they won’t because this is not what they are about. These misanthropes are about total global domination and control. They have a humongous god complex that demands they create this New World Order in their own twisted image and likeness. Their noble sounding rhetoric aside, their New World Order will be hell on earth for most of us.



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