3828864981?profile=originalChicago, IL As the November election is winding down, and the Tribune endorsed, long-shot candidate Jimmy Lee Tillman, II grassroots and student endorsements are stacking up throughout the district, embattled incumbent Rep. Bobby Rush apologizes for his part in pushing one of the harshest bills in a generation.

Rep. Bobby Rush says, “That was the worst vote, as I've looked over the years, that I've taken since I've been in the Congress, as a result, we have devastated our communities, devastated our families, devastated our futures...”   -->VIDEO <--

Ian Swanson reported in The Hill Black lawmaker ‘ashamed’ of vote for Clinton crime bill.

Martin G Johnson, a social media investigative journalist and #CrimeChaser founder says, “ Too many brothers have been locked up for a long time. This apology is too little, too late. We need a representative that is not afraid to come to the neighborhood see what is really going on. The Crime Bill was a hammer that hit our communities hard.”

Eddie Read, chairman of CBUC/BIPO agrees with Tillman's plan for a 1st District Pardon Commission says, “Rush has done his damage for too long. It is time for some young blood to pick up this fight.”

Click here for video of Rep. Rush apologizing to his constituents

Tillman feels he should also apologize to Black Lives Matter for his comment in The Hill article accusing them of defending the people who killed the lives you say matter.”

Tillman says, “I remind Rep. Rush that he was once one of those young, frustrated youth challenging the system.”

View Congressman Bobby Rush apology

Correction: Eddie Read is the Chairman of CBUC/BIPO not the founder as published in earlier version. CBUC/BIPO was founded by Lou Palmer.

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