“Karma is the friend of honesty and the enemy of liars.”
N-word averse world—someone’s singing fog-horned,
dog-whistled flat notes of “Riggers!”
Someone’s singing, “Riggers” are serving him at Karma’s
Cafe from the Capitalist State Machine’s same dirty utensils
“professional vote scammers;” COVID-profiteers used
during violence-riddled reign of terror…laying waste to lives…
Someone’s singing, “Riggers,” yet once purchased full page
ads, “Paper of record,” rigging noose/gallows mobs/framing
5 Black and Brown teen lives—hanging in the balance
Someone’s singing, “Riggers,” when it’s the ugly face of
Capitalism on trial, on blast—on that Midnight Plane to
Georgia —Woo-woo!
Remembering my Mom… Phone wedged
between shoulder and ear— Cooking;
radio NEWS/TV NEWS on. Making meals
for contacts there to share,“What’s Goin’ On?”
“What’s Goin’ On?” What requires direct
Action—Mass action? City action? State,
national action? Always action. Never a
Distraction—She was where We were…
Remembering my Mom… Turning Water-
gate into teachable moments—college classes—
like her Friend’s records, “Message To The Grassroots;”
and “The Ballot Or The Bullet…” I wore the grooves off
Remembering revolutionaries teaching me Super Bowl, 
Olympic language for lunch bucket brethren practicing 
Analysis on crumpled, back pocketed sports sections.
Teaching me to be Where they are.     “Listen and learn…”
like my Welfare Rights organizing Aunt once told Dr. King.
Cops and soldiers— bad hombres, murderer-rapist-torturer 
Death squads stormed Capitalist Hill, J6—7
Winners of Reconstruction—Training to re-fight the Civil
War—stormed Capitalist Hill, J6—7
They showed up— showed out— for their paper towel-tossin,
pussy-grabbin grifter— Mussolini-wannabe…Commanding,
“Stand back—stand by!”
Statehouses north, south; coast to coast— post-Charlottesville
And you think Long COVID’s a bitch? 
Ask your Spanish or Chilean physician if Long Fascism’s right for you…
© 2023. Raymond Nat Turner, The Town Crier. All Rights Reserved.





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