Celebrating 70!

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Support Our Work!

70th Birthday Celebration For Reverend Jackson!

Come and celebrate 70 Years Of Life and 50 Years Of Service!


Saturday October 8, 2011

9am - 11am


The Rainbow PUSH Coalition proudly invites you to join us in celebrating Milestonse and Memories!


In honor of this historic milestone, we are asking you to help us pack the house by

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The Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr., founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, is one of America’s foremost civil rights, religious and political figures.


Over the past forty years, he has played a pivotal role in virtually every movement for empowerment, peace, civil rights, gender equality, and economic and social justice.


Reverend Jackson has been called the "Conscience of the Nation" and "the Great Unifier," challenging America to be inclusive and to establish just and humane priorities for the benefit of all. He is known for bringing people together on common ground across lines of race, culture, class, gender and belief.


Born on October 8, 1941 in Greenville, South Carolina... Learn More Here

Rev Jackson BDay Celebration




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  • NYMetro

    Reparations come in different forms.  While there are certainly monetary reparations, reparation of the soul and psyche are a different matter entirely; and they begin within.  They are not Jesse's responsibility but the responsibility of each and every individual who has been impacted by this heinous situation.  When someone speaks of the "divine" things that he may or may not have done, according to their perception, I have to think that perhaps they need to examine their own inner workings.  That the Brother has devoted his life and actions to Black people is laudable.  That Black people have failed to give the same amount of devotion and activity to saving their own behinds is truly sad.  That you want to hang the fate of Black people around Jesse's neck is ignorant and sad.  But every age has seen their scapegoat - thank goodness he's smart enough not to fall for that guilt trip.  Each and every Black person is responsible - individually and collectively - for their own salvation.  If you have issues with what Jesse does or does not do with his personal, private life, put it under the heading of "none of your business." 

    Now back to the business at hand, and that is celebrating the life and contribution of one Jesse L. Jackson.  Despite the efforts of the former slave monsters, he will be 70 this yea!  It is still worthy of celebration, and far more so than for those who chose to sit on the sidelines and criticize as opposed to getting out there and making a difference and a mark.  If you connect the dots of all the people who really stand and have a concrete plan for reparations we'd be able to cast a pretty wide net and really get something done.


    Jesse is neither the messiah, nor is he going to be a martyr to criticism from whites or Blacks.  He's followed in some pretty big shoes and in doing so left some rather big footprints of his own (and yes you can quote me) - Happy Birthday Rev. Jackson from Gloria Dulan-Wilson and family.  GDW

  • West


    I am fully aware, along with Free Critical Thinkers, lien holders of their own conscious, non conformist to evil concepts and ideas, we are aware of the profane things he did/still do. WHAT ARE THE DIVINE THINGS HE DID/IS DOING?
    Why does it take our people (50) years, actually some 4oo years plus to do the DIVINE right thing.
    There is something mentally wrong with us to have to take that much time to do that which is divinely right.
    Here we are as Dr. Marimba a true and real Black Afrikan woman said, this present administration has set us back some four hundred years, and we are still showing undo respect for those who are part of the lack of progress among our people Elitist Blacks are. MLK, Jessie Jackson and the likes of help set out people back just as many years. These European Birthdays are for vain glory, self aggrandizement. Who does it all profit. The evil oppressors system, because everything that it takes to create this birthday scene and any others, the profits goes to the Vampire System. The people come away from it just having a shucking and jiving profane good time on the plantation.




    • West

      As you all party shucking and jiving at profane events, may those who do, be tortured day and night in their sleep with the images of starving and dying children in Afrika, tortured with thosE images until we do all that is Divinely right.


      Having any profane events, we are contributing to the killing, stealing, and destruction of our people (globally) because the money spent in this VAMPIRE SYSTEM, especially the Tax dollars are used for WARS against innocent people.


      Why not donate all the money for this event to the starving children in Afrika?





  • West

    Please list the DIVINE things he did, that has bought about our people DIVINE SOLUTIONS?


    We must be extremely careful of all the profane things we say and do?


    If we all aren't free, none of us are free.


    Another event on the Massa Plantation shucking and jiving,  rubbing (ego) together.


    Contact me when the 24/7 Advocacy, demanding, commanding Chanting for enslaved ancestors REPARATIONS will get started.


    REPARATIONS NOW, or we need to prepare to go of the Black Afrikan people business.


  • NYMetro
    Congratulations to my Omega Brother, the Rev. Jesse Louis Jackson, from a Delta sister who has been an admirer of his for more than 40 years. You got the birthday right, but you got the length of service wrong. Brother Jackson has been standing for Black people for nearly 50 years, if not 50 itself. He was attended North Carolina A&T University, where they held the first reported sit-ins. (My son graduated from A&T. He attended because Rev. Jackson attended there, and he liked the school's reputation). Jesse was certainly with Dr. King during a great many of his forays into the belly of the beast in the good old, bad old days of the birth of the Civil Rights Movement.
    {I have always resented the idiots who claimed he spread King's blood on him to grab attention. What dolts! What crabs in a barrel. Jealousy is one of the biggest downfalls we have as a people. We really need to check ourselves before we totally wreck ourselves.}
    And if, like so many of us, he was recruited as a kid into the NAACP Youth Council, he may have at least 55 to 60 years in the Civil Rights Movement, since most us started at the age of 10.
    My appreciation for Jesse goes very deep, because he stood when others were criticizing him for standing, while at the same time too cowardly or lazy to take a stand themselves. I also appreciate him because, during my stay in California, where there was practically no real Black history taught in the schools, his periodic visits to the predominantly Black communities kept my kids tied in to who they were and why it was important to stand on principle. I had them in public school in Altadena, and would pull them out of class to go hear Rev. Jackson speak.
    I also appreciate the fact that he identified the paucity of information relevant to economic development -i.e. MONEY -- and how that tied in integrally with the liberation and empowerment of Black people.
    I appreciate the fact that Rev. Jesse Jackson is a fine Black man, who could have been an athlete making millions of dollars, or an actor, like Billie D. Williams, and other contemporaries, had he so chosen. It would not have been hard to put him on camera and have women following him. But his heart and mind was on the plight of Black people, and he has dedicated his life to that end. (By the way, Rev. Jackson is still a fine Black man).
    I likewise appreciate the fact that he and his wife, Jackie, make a beautiful, dynamic couple; and their sons and daughters have, for the most part, been integrally involved in every aspect of the family dynamic, moving forward and bringing others into the fold at the same time.
    As a feature writer/photographer, I have tried to cover every one of his Wall Street Initiatives since the inception, and have been amazed at how they, as a family, have managed to keep things moving and functioning smoothly. Yet another example of info that the general Black community is not aware of, but would benefit from.

    My birthday greetings to Brother Jackson. And my deep appreciation for a job that continues to be well done. May you remain Highly Favored, and Empowered.

    Stay Blessed and Eclectically Black - Gloria Dulan-Wilson
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