Reparations Road to the White House

Greeting Everyone,We have great news! A new Facebook page to promote community involvement in the Reparations Road to the White House action was recently created. Check out the countdown tab on the left of the page to see how many days we have until the Reparations Road to the White House Rally and March to deliver HR 1011 to President Obama on November 5th!In addition to that, there is a sign-up link on the top of the page for those who have not completed the RRWH survey. If you have already completed the survey, you should have received an invitation earlier today asking you to join a group along with a group number and description.Group 1=Delivering the Resolution to the PresidentGroup 2=Developing the 50-State StrategyGroup 3=Engaging the Presidential CandidatesGroup 4=FundraisingGroup 5=Increase National Awareness of the Reparations Road to the White HouseGroup 6=Mobilizing the Masses for the November 5th Rally and MarchIf you haven’t completed the survey but still want to contribute to the discussion, please reply back to this email so we can add you to a group ASAP. We would like for everyone to use these groups as much as possible to introduce yourselves {if you want}, share knowledge, and bounce ideas off of one another. Along with these groups, N’COBRA and other organizations will host meetings, group emails, chats, social media posts and other forms of communication to keep the general public updated on our efforts.Please mark this event on your calendarNext Friday, August 19th, there will be a meeting @the Black Star ProjectLocated at 3509 S King Dr #2B, Chicago, IL 60653 at 6:30pmPlease enter through the back of the building where the parking lot is located, and take the elevator up to the Second Floor.Thank you allLet’s get to work!Like and follow the Facebook Page Reparations Road to the White House individuals in your community to sign up and join a committee at this link'COBRA Chicago (archives)Join NCOBRA Now! Annual membership -$25.00 make a donation to our Reparation Enforcer Campaign

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