Religious Independence Day (R.I.D.)

Greetings Family,Are we adult enough to question or even challenge the customs and traditions of our parents and grandparents? Is Chistianity a blessing or a curse? Bishop T.D. Jakes thinks it has been both. Do we need a Religious Independence Day (R.I.D.)?Tune in tonight June Tenth (June 19th) from 7-9:00pm EST as your host Minister Adisa Franklin author of The Liberation of the African Mind: The Key to Black Salvation and Repent: From Jesus Back To God and founder of R.I.D. as well as WTLZ Radio discusses the need for Religious Independence.Are we really free indeed? Have we become so heavenly bound that we are no earthly good? Why with a church on every corner are we not more empowered? Why all the emphasis on tithing and getting a blessing from God? Do I have to ttihe to be blessed of God? Do we need a new standard among Black Church Leaders? Do I have to believe everything that the preacher is saying? Lets talk about these and other important subjects tonight family!Go to right now and lock it in for this evenings talk show!In Service to the Family,Minister Adisa FranklinSpiritual Abolitionist

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  • Chicago-Midwest
    Good Morning Brother,
    I am pleased to see your position. We are afraid to ask questions.
    The behavior of our people speaks to the enslavement period. We have yet,
    to debrief ourselves of that tormented experience. Until we do,
    fear of the LORD, will remain manifested in the minds of our people.
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