Ranting of Egomaniac Tavis Smiley

CornellTavis-Small%281%29.jpgI am yet to fathom Prof. Cornel West, but everything Tavis Smiley has done against Obama has envy written all over it.  Where Obama has been and what he has attained, Smiley tried and failed.  Granted that both come from single parenthood, Obama raised solely by a single mother after his father abandoned him when he was two; Tavis Smiley born to a single 18-year-old mother, but had the fortune of being raised by a caring step father from age two.  Tavis Smiley dreamt of going to Harvard Law School, but his grades were so bad that he had difficulty finding a college to accept him.  Obama, on the other hand, not only attended Harvard Law School, but excelled to the point that he was appointed the first black to become editor of the Harvard Law Review.  Tavis Smiley tried to become a politician and ran as a candidate for the Los Angeles City Council, but failed woefully by placing fourth and last of the candidates for that seat.  But Obama, on his part, not only succeeded in winning elections as State Senator, and as well as a U.S. Senator.  But more importantly, he won the ultimate coveted position of the most powerful position in the world, President of the United States of America.
 If I were a Tavis Smiley whose dreams couldn't come true, why wouldn't I be envious of all that President Barack Obama has achieved? (READ MORE)

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