PROSPECTS FOR FREEDOM IN 2010 Reflections on a Fruitful, Rewarding Life In the Liberation Struggle of Afrikan People By H. KHALIF KHALIFAH Over the past two decades, I have written several estimations of our “Prospects for Freedom” on the eve of The Western designations of New Years. The following is written in that tradition. P.F.F. 2009 is a little different in that it is kind of personal and reflective on my life of some 40 years of “making my maximum contribution to the liberation of African people.” So if you do read the following, read it with that in mind: my estimation for African freedom in 2010 is being looked at through the prism of my own life and conscious of the legacy I shall leave, this deep into my Eldership. The prospects for the freedom of African people in 2010 is dim. It is dim partly because in approaching my 70th birthday in April. It is also dim and uncertain because the forward movement to successfully demand our Reparations, that I feel I was a part of in the 1990’s appears to be on the decline. My personal fortune has been reduced to a $400,000 house on a land base of 20 acres; and I am still owner of an additional 102 acres of large trees and farmland, whose confirmed value range from $3,000 per to $10,000. Moreover the land is priceless; it is reportedly the birthplace of none other that Master Nat Turner – the 1831 organizer and leader of the greatest physical movement to liberate Africans in our history in North America. It is estimated that Nat Turner’s Black Liberation Army won 17 straight victories – killing 100 slave owners on their march to Jerusalem. REVIEW OF 40 YEARS I am of a mind to sell the priceless land the house or both and move on to greater prospects for comfort and satisfaction. The comfort will be closer to my immediate children and Grand Children. The satisfaction will be in the underwriting of several projects to energize the Noble struggle to which I have already freely given time and money. Carefully giving of money will perpetuate, if not consolidate my legacy. The legacy is borne of the some 600 different book titles and 500,000 periodicals I have directly produced during the 40 years. I have also been co-founder, establisher of, and Senior Tour Guide that personally introduced some 3,000 to 5,000, to the physical structures along the route traveled; and countless others to the Nat Turner Trail. Most of the periodicals I wrote and edited myself; 14 of the books were written by myself: so it has been a fruitful life, but far less than it could have been if Elders in my youth had the mindset and resources that are presently at my command. In my estimation, I am at another point where I can avoid one of the mistakes that my own Elders and Mentors made in my youth: holding on too long to things that would serve the Liberation Struggle of African people when a qualified, committed, sincere youth was in their presence. As it has been for all of my life of struggle for African people, prospects for a more comfortable lifestyle offers greater hope than the prospects for the liberation of African people. This is normal fair in all systems based on a doctrine of White Supremacy. My projections for a more comfortable lifestyle is only fair seeming. As I stated in my latest book: “it is akin to living the life of a ‘happy slave.’” Yet there is much quickening of my spirit in thoughts to give resources to fresh ideals in the person of promising young warriors. There are several such individuals around my person today. Ironic as it is to me, the individuals are in very much the same position I was in my late 20’s and early 30’s. I had the ideals and energy but not the resources to underwrite the cost to implement the ideals. Realizing early on that I was not prepared for a “revolutionary” life closed one avenue stream to secure funding. That is through Expropriations. But I found that I was very much qualified and prepared for the other way to reclaim our Freedom: that is Demand our Reparations. As stated, I am of no doubt that several Black youth in my life today will help to perpetuate and consolidate my legacy and future. If I can now accelerate what I have been doing over the past 5 years, or so. The acceleration will be in the form of money. Prospect for Freedom in 2010 will hopefully do two things:1) Bring Black Youth so they can see what about my business they can use to further their own 2) Sell my business interest [mostly books, art reproductions, posters, button making machine, etc.) to the $numbers so I can, in the least, vouchsafe The Nat Turner Reference Liberation at 26070 Barhams Hills Road, Drewryville, Virginia 23844. (434) 378-2140. To leave no room for doubt: this is a last ditch effort to save this Nat Turner Birth Land: I have an estimated $1,000,000 worth of inventory of books, including 1000 Stolen Legacy, 500 Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder, fewer copies of Mis-Education of the Negro, i.e. but will have a 1,000 before Black History Month. I would need to sell 30,000 X $10.00 worth of produces to save the building that houses The Nat Turner Reference Library. The 102 acres of land is free of debt: so if necessary, $cash could be donated to save the land. Khalifah is the founder of UBUS COMMNICATIONS SYSTEMS. He lives in Southampton County, Virginia, serving as a Publishing Consultant, Senior Tour Guide of the Nat Turner Trail. His next book, The Acquision and Proper Use of Power: Why We Struggle, Why We Fight will be released on April 29, 2009:

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    THE POWER OF MASS MEDIA!!!!! When i posted this on my i received very little response the first day. But one of the call was from a young man that i mentored back in the 1990's, Keidi Awadu of Living In Black Fame, he paid cash for 340 of the 1,000 Stolen Legacy books that i reported in the article above.
    Master Keidi are discussing some wonderful things that i shall announce this later this week. it is going to impact positively on all Black Media organization on the internet, EXCEPT, perhaps The Blacklist by my "going back some 30 years friend, Kwasi Akyeampong.
    I think all who responded to my open declaration that I MUST INCREASE, and accelerate the sale of my inventory. Everything is selling, except for the Stolen Legacy purchase of Brother Keidi, all is selling slowly by surely. the purchase of one book is a great help.
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