The Best way to beat the system is by staying out of the system,As you probably know I am a retired N.Y.C police officer and work today as a spiritual teacher and author.Part of my various responsibilities is to protect you my brothers and sister's from sources of negative energy in your life.The ciminal justice system is a business,and a major source of negative energy in our society.It pays the salary of Judges,Lawyers,police officers and prision systems.It is a major source of negative energy,dont get me wrong I respect the authority and understand the need until we can ween ourselves off the revolving doors called justice and gain control of our own consciousness.I would like to see police officers return to their original role in society as  peace creators..


Making money from the misieries of others is not love and places a conciderable amount of negative energy in the form of stress on friends and family.Any time you receive a ticket,a fine or jail time.You are only paying into the same failed system that is working agaisnt you.When you STOP paying into the system it will shrink crime and your neighborhoods will become home again and not a police hang out where people are looking for you, waiting for you to do something wrong.I am asking you to join us in a nation wide boycott.Dr Martin luther King advocated Civil disobedience and boycotts,That was then and this is now!! changing time call for different measures.I am advocating Operation be a good citizen


1.Stay out of the system by any means necessary,Once you get in its hard to get out.negative energy only creates more of the same and like a magnet this will keep you in the system.


2.Embrace spirituality,privately or in any group,church,temple of your choice. transendental meditation works.Set a higher intention of staying away from negative energy of any kind.Repeat this mantra out loud and in silence.Join us in a nation wide prayer and meditative service,or organize one your self,ask your pastor,priest,rabbi,spiritual teacher etc,to lead this service primarily directed at lowering all crime staistic.


3.If you make up a demographic group that are highly targeted by law enforcement,be twice as vigiliant.(you know by now if your in the target group.)


4. Purchase positive energy protection crystals.Crystal are part of Mother earths natural protective positively charged energy field(We were created from the earth).Modern living away from nature cuts us off from this field.The precious stone called Crystal is on of the best methods of activating your energy field and protecting you and your loved ones.


5.Please send love to those who make themselves your enemy.This is why Christ taught us to love our enemies,because hate always back fires.The Afrikian mandingos sent this proverb"If You rise Up and kill a enemy another will rise in his place.


6.Rich Blessings and much love to you and your families.

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  • NYMetro
    This is a very good piece; so thank you. What I note isn't mentioned, perhaps because it frequently is but often not heeded, is "be mindful of the company you keep", As is mentioned, the police often remain in areas looking for someone to do something wrong; and let's face it, in those instances everyone within a group gets swept up even if only 1 or 2 actually did something wrong and the innocent have to try to convince others of their innocence. Or for that matter enter a relationship with the wrong person My step-brother had a criminal record but was trying to do right afterwards. He go hooked up with a woman that wanted him to give her everything and in order to appease her he committed a robbery and naturally got caught and went back to jail.

    Another thing is that people must stop being overly focused on material things and the desire for instant gratification it is this that makes committing a crime or doing something else illegal so attractive. We are flooded with advertisements for products that we don't need and that don't add value to life but people want them and will do whatever they have to in order to have it and when the next "new" or "improeved" item comes out, they cycle begins again.

    While organized religion can help a person find the positives in life, care needs to be exercised there too. Some places have an unreasonable expectation of appearance and financial support which in turn can cause a person to do what s/he either wouldn't do or is trying to get away from in order to "fit in".

    Family sets the tone I believe. Parents need to take responsibility for the children they bring into this world and teach them values and morals; not sob and cry and blame others when the child does wrong when they [the parents] know they have failed in their duties of offering right guidance, etc. Some are quick to claim it's the fault of the single [female] headed household, but that isn't true; there are many single women who have raised positve children myself included.

    Still how does one escape the negative influences one sees/hears about? Particularly the corruption that abounds and the immoral and sometimes criminal behavior of celebrities that goes unchallanged and unchecked for years. When these types of things are all the young (and not so young) see as being the acceptable norm, all the words to the contrary can easily fall on deaf ears. When images of war project the concept that "violence is the only solution" or "might is right" then speaking of peaceful co-existence and mutual respect and cooperation are difficult to suppot and prove.

    But that's my two cents worth.
    • West
      Great information! If we could just get the masses to apply it.We really do run the world,with Gods permisson,but it must be run in righeousness.Not under a system of manipulation by the hiearchy.From slavery to jimcrow to now the only thing thats changed as per the latter two being a kinder,gentler form of tyranny!
      • South
        You are right, Brother. Tyranny is tyranny regardless of how it is not guised to be more gentle. I still feel enslaved in this world. My husband is on Hospice and just mentioned how he feels he is dying soon. My heart breaks but Lee will be free from the slavery of this world...
        • West
          Please Accept my prayers love and light,I believe everything is gonna be alright,God has bigger plans for us,stay strong!
  • West

    Certainly your words are good and true! And, at least at present, they cannot be repeated too frequently.

    But/and as you, perhaps far more than most folks, do understand the necessity of significantly improving the country's and the planet's socioeconomic systems in order to fully rid the world of this wrong, I respectfully invite you to consider the ideas expressed on my page.

    I see you're presently in San Diego, where I spent my first two years of college, seemingly centuries ago. Now I'm about 4 miles south of LAX, fwtw.

    Best, Rob George
  • South
    Brother, this is so important. I know too many Brothers and Sisters caught up in the system. And, it hard to get out once in it. I worked security and know how devastating it is. I went into the field to make a difference to people but found I was nothing more than a glorified and underpaid babysitter. My only use to the sites I worked was so the client would lower insurance costs. It was nothing about the safety of the people.

    I am a firm believer in positive energy crystals. While on a hiatus from security, I worked in a call centre. I gave a Sister a crystal for her birthday gift. She told me how the fighting stopped in the house and there was harmony on her street. WoW! This Sister lived in one of the worst areas of Orlando. I was glad I was able to give her this present rather than go lookin' for clothes or other things that are so temporal and mean nothing.

    I used to go to AA due to drinking issues. I feel that these 12 Step Groups are dangerous. I was never picked up for a DUI but the negativity in the "rooms" is deadening. No one really understands it but that is why so many people of all colours relapse. Alcoholics Anonymous is not a healthy environment. Too many predators aka "old-timers" know how to victimize people whether it be stealing their money or sexually exploiting a woman. AA is another way to keep money flowing into the system.

    Today, I prefer to keep the negative energy out my life.
    • West
      Dear Brother,

      Among Other things,I cannot emphasize enough the healing crystal quartz,Urban areas,or concrete jungles are no substitution for home,Afrika,Where we walked barefoot and the earths energy traveled up through our bodies.This American experience is still relatively new and the adjustment is not really working.If you know of any groups that would welcome my visit I will fly anywhere.Well many blessings brother and peace!

      • South
        Hear, hear...Afrika is home. I feel the warmth of the land under my feet. I know I have been in Afrika in another life. My feet long for that barefoot life. American Life is like living in one of them weird "fun house" with those mirrors that make people look freaky and life seeming more odd.
  • Mercy me, I thought about this this week - Tuesday to be exact. I was in Bronx Criminal Court to support a friend and there wayward son. All the perts are Black or Hispanic.
    I really got it, got how much the system depends on our children to keep the economy afloat.
    Imagine all those unemployed cops, lawyers, bail bonds men, judges, court officers etc. Entire upstate New York communities would go out of existence because prisons are their number one or only employer.

    This is but a sample of the insights I walked away with on Tuesday.
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