"The policeman isn't there to create disorder; 
the policeman is there to preserve disorder.” 
—Richard J. Daley

Scholasticide? Pedicide? Infanticide? Ecocide?

Genocide? Clear which side they’re on, they

Study war no more— And refuse to cave under

Weight of state—under Papa Cop Condor watch …


Bought and bossed, Papa Cop commits to police state.

Surveillance state. Apartheid state. Real Estate. Papa

Cop commits to elephant-eared walls/eagle-eyed poles.

Commit$ OT to embedded/invading/occupying professors.


Papa Cop’s Pedagogy of the Oppressor’s built on bulky 

bodies of apartheid state-trained teachers. Visiting professors

of Pain Compliance—

Resurrecting Guantanamo ghosts; exorcising ‘outside agitators!’ 


Papa Cop’s Pedagogy of the Oppressor’s taught by Vitamin S-

fueled scholars. Zip-tie truncheon-taser-teargas-wielding

Adjunct professors— pounding, slamming, jabbing, choking 

Contagious anti-capitalist virus out of students’ systems!


Papa Cop’s Pedagogy is cool with Skunk Shock Troops—

J6-IOF ilk—Deputized thugs invading campuses. Cool with

brownshirt ‘counter-protestors.’  Cool with Capitalist Hill-

Birth Of A Nation-MAGAt hat-horned shaman-style occupiers 


Papa Cop’s Pedagogy of the Oppressor = U.S. Imperialism 101.

Not graduate studies, ’70s Santiago. Not ’04 Kabul, Baghdad,

West Bank, Gaza, Port au Prince postdoctoral studies. Not

gendering at gunpoint for peacock blue pill/weaponized warheads.


Papa Cop’s Pedagogy of the Oppressor = U.S. Imperialism 101.

Not herding the handcuffed off to secluded quads and unpacking

magazines—filing reports into inquiring minds, into hungry brains—

Before hacking fingers off perforated avatars for souvenirs …


Papa Cop’s Pedagogy of the Oppressor = U.S. Imperialism 101.

Not yet beheading and urinating on ashtray torsos; on electrified 


Before disrespectfully dumping crimes into freshly dug ditches 


Papa Cop’s Pedagogy Of The Oppressor will not pass—

Fails— for it forgets … or refuses to remember … its own

Tested, failsafe formula for radicalization … One baton

Blow= 10 teach-ins=1,000 books= A million lectures …

© 2024. Raymond Nat Turner, The Town Crier. All Rights Reserved.

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