This incredibly talented, brilliant, award-winning filmmaker and loving advocate for the people has done it again! Please view the brief trailer for her latest outstanding project at -- you will be moved! Out of Our Right Minds - Trauma, Depression and the Black Woman is the next short docu film from Award Winning Independent Filmmaker, Stacey Muhammad of Wildseed Films / Intelligent Media. This film explores Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and the experience of trauma, and how the lives of Black women have been affected by these experiences. Black women and men from all walks of life, speak openly and candidly about depression, mental illness, anxiety, stress...why these discussions are considered taboo in the African American community..and ways in which we begin to ... and continue to ... heal the wounds. Dir. by Stacey Muhammad Asst. Dir. RH Bless Edited by: Stacey Muhammad Music by: T. Taylor, Mr. Famous & Masada Marketing and Promotions: C. Wharton For more information about booking Wildseed Films for screenings / lectures / panels, etc. please contact Intelligent Media @ 484-472-3745.

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  • hetep,

    the area of psychology is where i began to really understand the lowly conditions of afrikans-n-amerikkka, going deeper than all the surface bullshit that we've been fed by our enemy and even some of our own people. until we began to collectively look at our situation from such a point of view, a point of view which i've learned to refer to as psychological warfare, which has a sole purpose of eradicating the cultural foundation of a people and then replacing it with a totally alien social construct that works against its intended victim.

    since the objective of the movie focuses on afrikan women in amerikkka, and perhaps afrikan women worldwide, we have to tediously examine how the eurocentric model of cultural relativity has literally destroyed the overwhelming bulk of afrikan women's cultural psychology. and we must have no qualms in doing so, pulling out all the stops, caring not what euro-amerikkkans or any other group will think in the process. too many times, there are caucasian women who write books that so-call discuss women's issues, which is just a further attempt to keep afrikan women in a subservient situation.

    afrikan women have to be able to discuss their victimization out in the open not only in private. there must be created places that we can call liberated spaces where afrikan women can let it all out, whether in front of mainstream media or not. in light of this, afrikan women have had a chance to do so, when we consider how many talk shows that those negro women, who are whores for the system, have hosted over the years. and afrikan women, as well as the brothas, have to be critical of them in a relentless fashion. afrikan women should have been boycotting the likes of oprah winfrey instead of getting caught up in all the bullshit and hype about oprah being a successful black woman.

    no one's gonna tell the story of afrikan women better than afrikan women.

    uhuru sasa (freedom now)!
  • West
    I can't get the trailer to play.

    In addition to being out o four Right minds, does Sis. Stacey Muhammad know what Our orignal mind-set was like.

    Beloved One:

    I can't get the trailer to work.

    When we explain being out of our right minds we must also teach our people what was our original mind-set. Only Divine Teachers operating in their Divine right minds, those who are Divine Critical thinkers Knows our original mind. How many Divine Free Critical thinkers do we have among us?

    Divine Loving

    I AM still Learning

    REPARATIONS NOW-Divine Right mind-set
    • hetep,

      there are thousands of what you refer to as divine minds that can think critically. that's not the problem. the problem has been following those whom we believed have had divine minds, but were none short of agents for the enemy state. those of us who have divine minds will tell it like it is regardless of being targeted by the enemy state. and when you think critically, you have no time to worry about what the enemy is going to say of think, since it our asses who have been victimized by white supremacy, which has to keep constantly replicating itself if it is to continue its course.

      we need not be famous like them fools who have been declared intellects by our enemy, the negroes whom we hold up as academic scholars with all types of degrees. malcolm didn't have one and look at how he was able to gauge our lowly conditions when it came to psychological abuse at the doings of our enemy. he was successful because he carefully examined how sick the cultural complex of the european model has been at least since the days of the greeks. therefore, it was only natural that afrikan women would suffer at the hands of their oppressor.

      there's too much shucking and jiving around when it comes to cleansing the psyches of afrikan women in amerikkka. all too often afrikan women are led to believe that if they'd only get themselves an education everything would be alright. but that's bullshit to say the least! in fact, the institutions of the united snakes of amerikkka only reinforce white supremacy in a very disguised or clandestine way, such as multiculturalism. how in the world can afrikan women be multicultural and they don't know what it mean to be afrikans?

      you don't expect your oppressor to teach you right if he doesn't treat you right. on their own must afrikan women go back to their legacy if they are to understand their original mindset, even far beyond before the white man came on the scene in that part of the earth he loves to refer to as the third world and not the first world of which it is. afrikan women must be made to know that everything that they have been made to believe was a sore spot, white women have longed for since day one, which reveals an inferiority complex disguised as the standard of amerikkkan beauty. this is why the media loves to present j. lo as the quintescential woman with a big butt, while at the same time practicing psychological warfare on afrikan women in order to get them to turn inward on themselves is a most negative way.

      uhuru sasa (freedom now)!
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