Optimum Health As Resistance and Revolution

Junious Ricardo Stanton



We’ve known for quite some time now that we are being targeted by a diabolical cabal who wants to alter the natural order including humans, control all the earth’s resources and be the overlords of the world. We have seen their internal documents calling for massive reductions in the global human population https://www.hli.org/resources/exposing-the-global-population-control/ and as time goes on we’re seeing the various means they plan to use to achieve their goals including: GMOs Frankenfoods, geoengineering of the environment, ecocide, vaccines, poisoning the air and water as well as plans for human “augmentation” DNA engineered “designer babies”, melding us with machines and crossbreeding us with animals. https://futurism.com/neoscope/scientists-alarmed-lab-grown-human-animal-hybrids, https://www.sciencefocus.com/future-technology/cyborgs-transhumans.

 Is this natural? No! What could possibly go wrong? Let me count the ways, how many adverse incidents have been associated with the COVID jabs since 2020?! https://www.globalresearch.ca/phd-researcher-analysis-vaers-data-reveals-5427-increase-deaths-covid-shots-compared-all-vaccines-past-10-years/5759321 Did you know iatrogenic injury is one of the leading causes of death in the US? What is iatrogenic injury you ask? “Iatrogenic injury refers to tissue or organ damage that is caused by necessary medical treatment, pharmacotherapy, or the application of medical devices and has nothing to do with the primary disease. The definition of iatrogenic wounds is derived from iatrogenic injury. When the integrity of the skin, subcutaneous soft tissue, and even deep tissue is compromised, the resulting defect is termed an iatrogenic wound. Iatrogenic wounds include various acute wounds (e.g., skin donor site wound and injury due to laser treatment), complications resulting from various treatments and operations (e.g., surgical site infections (SSIs)), and chronic wounds caused by improper medical treatment (e.g., hospital-acquired pressure ulcers and radiation ulcers) Iatrogenic wounds can involve damage to the superficial tissues, such as the skin and soft tissues, or to the deep tissues, such as the bones and tendons. Iatrogenic wounds: a common but often overlooked problem by Biano Cheng, Ju Tian, Yan Peng, Xiaobing Fu https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6544969/#:~:text=Iatrogenic%20injury%20refers%20to%20tissue,the%20primary%20disease%20%5B2%5D.

  Of course they couch their intention to play god in noble sounding verbiage about “progress” and “benefiting and improving” humanity. Here’s an example of their Brave New World, “In the short-term, Neuralink plans to make devices to treat paralysed people and here Warwick is thinking along the same lines – he reckons that we’ll be able to ‘patch over breaks’ in the spinal cord to treat paralysis within the next decade. Meanwhile, there is an electrode device called a BrainGate (originally built by US company Cyberkinetics) that has been implanted into the brains of paralysed people, allowing them to type and search the internet with their minds. Until recently, they had to be ‘wired in’ at all times through a port in their skulls. In 2021, however, US researchers announced they’d upgraded devices previously installed in two tetraplegic men to wireless transmitters, allowing cable-free browsing. BrainGate has so far benefitted only a handful of patients, but brain-machine and neural interfaces are already available for certain conditions, bringing major life improvements with them. Warwick, for example, works on deep-brain stimulators that quell tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease, while cochlear implants that stimulate the auditory nerve give people with hearing loss the ability to hear. Being medical implants, they don’t offer superpowers, but they could pave the way towards more widespread enhancements.” Rise of the cyborgs: inside the technology transcending humanity’s biological limits by Heyley Bennett https://www.sciencefocus.com/future-technology/cyborgs-transhumans.

How long will it be before they enter the zone they call “post-humanism”. What’s posthumanism, you ask? Here is what they are saying about “post-humanism”, “The posthuman view configures human being so that it can be seamlessly articulated with intelligent machines. In the posthuman, there are no essential differences or absolute demarcations between bodily existence and computer simulation, cybernetic mechanism and biological organism, robot teleology and human goals.” Posthumanism: A Philosophy for the 21st Century? Agnes Theresa https://www.thecollector.com/posthumanism-philosophy-of-the-21st-century/

What can we do? How do we respond and counter the machinations of megalomaniacs and psychopaths who think they are god? We resist! The best way to resist is to take control of our personal health, guard and strengthen our minds, cultivate a healthy, vibrant, energetic proactive lifestyle and maintain an optimistic attitude about life. Personal and communal health are critical for the salvation and preservation of our species. I am not opposed to technology being used to restore health; however I am opposed to technocrats, unaccountable plutocrats and mad scientists imposing their dystopian transhumanist vision on the world.

When I use the term health I am speaking of optimum holistic health, well balanced mind, body and spirit; thinking of ourselves in terms that encompass our totality rather than as mechanistic, materialistic soulless beings! We are not cyborgs! I am not against “progress” I am against narcissistic psychopaths carelessly playing god. Remember Frankenstein!

Do not fall for their flim-flam. Take your health into your own hands. Do not depend upon bureaucrats, politicians or anyone else for your well being. You know the drill, get deep restful sleep, stay hydrated, exercise, eat balanced nutritious meals (not processed junk food) and don’t put yourself in a position to be totally dependent upon Big Pharma or the government for your health or to sustain your life.

Remember iatrogenic injury is real and is a major cause of death in the US. Being healthy is a major form of resistance in a society where billions of dollars are made off of making and keeping people being ill!




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