I am getting marvelous feedback from my OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA... concerning this matter.  We cannot just allow this topic to be mentioned and die as has been the case in the past.  We must be encouraged to get this president to address this issue intelligently and respectfully and not allow him to just tell us anything. 
It is time for us to be more aggressive and mean it.  Otherwise, for sure, the powers-that-be will bury this matter again.  Our inactivity on the topic of Reparations tells White Folks that we really aren't that interested, otherwise we would keep this hot potato in the news. 
We have got to make the Black Caucus get off their doo-pahs and get justice served for us.  Likewise for NAACP.  Granted NAACP and others may be receiving too much Jewish financial aid to work in our favor, but if they don't, then they need to be exposed.  Enough of our receiving handouts to appease and satisfy White folks.  Let's satisfy ourselves and our progeny, or we will be lost in this failing and falling country. 
We can make the Justice Department hear us, if we do it right.   History is replete with the human rights abuses against Slaves and descendants of Slaves, and it is now time that we do more than just mention it.  We have to do more to get the President to work for us as he works for Whites.  We are the real victims of ethnic cleansing, and the ruling powers know it!

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  • Europe
    A few points tho...

    er... what justice department do you want to 'hear us'?
    - After about 40years in the Netherlands I'm having a hard time freeing my mind from my dutch ID to have it switched to my identity... I'm not pointing a finger on you. I'm just pointing at a barrier that probably is not there, but we (me & you) are having trouble cutting our selves loose from ID in the mind.

    Mind control?
    If we start studying what is really happening TO us just for trying to survive 'behind enemy lines'... man, we lost!

    The only way is us... as in 'us must trust trusting us!

    "Are we talking about 'hear us' or about 'hear U.S.'?"
  • South
    Encore! I concur!!! The support of whites and Jews of Black organizations is the new slave whip and chains. They don't have to literally beat us anymore to silence us or get us to comply. All they have to do is sit on a few of our boards and support us with a few dollars to silence us. It is the same as the black church that refuses to take down the white Jesus portrait or speak openly about reparations or teach a Black Liberation Theology for fear of offending the few white members they have or who may visit (and donate their money). We must, at some point, stop dialogging and start some action!
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