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“Liberals who claim to care so much about underprivileged Blacks not only relegate them to the worst performing schools, but also the most violent schools.”

Jason L. Riley, Author
“Please Stop Helping Us”

A great way to celebrate Dr. King’s birthday AND the upcoming Black History Month is to get away from the video screen and seek out some modern day Black heroes of the written page. Jason L. Riley, author and Fox News Contributor fills the bill well with his work: “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed.”

Riley, also Columnist for the famed Wall Street Journal as well as a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute has a LOT to say about how some Blacks have ‘lost’ that pioneering ‘can do’ spirit, and have been tricked into expecting others to do for ‘us’ what we were better able to do for ourselves. “Please Stop Helping Us” (2014, 2015 Encounter Books, 204 pages), helps recapture that righteous spirit that many in our communities had in solving our own problems--in spite of the challenges which were ‘road blocked’ into our path. A time which wasn’t too long ago.

     “Today’s civil rights leaders encourage Blacks to see themselves as victims. The overriding message from the NAACP, the National Urban League, and most Black politicians is that white racism explains black pathology.”

     Riley, who writes in the vein of masterful economic thinkers Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams (both Columnists, by the way), lays out--with complete documentation and statistical data--what progress Black folk ‘used’ to make on their own, and the progress many have been ‘relegated to having’ based upon many Black leaders and institutions ‘buying in’ to the lie that we can’t ‘make it’ without help from the mainstream. Riley also puts forth a ‘short’ work in paperback form…but is not meant to be handled by those who may desire a ‘safe zone’ when confronted with the truth.

     “Please Stop Helping Us” by Jason L. Riley reflects back on a time when family was king in many of our Black cities, and moves forward through some 50 years or more of how a few factors have taken many off the path of success. The work teaches clearly that many of the institutions that have Black faces leading them have done more harm than good to our ability to rise as a people. You can locate this book at your favorite book store, or through your favorite on line book seller.

     Mike Ramey is a Minister, Reviewer and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. He brings current and lesser-known titles to re-kindle a love for reading and thinking in a sea of modern technology. Feel free to reach him via email at manhoodline@yahoo.com. © 2017, 2019 Barnstorm Communications.

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