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     “And, even more important, what happens when death comes? Is death the end of everything, as the humanists insist, or is it only the beginning of endless ages yet to come?”

Henry M. Morris, Author
“The Revelation Record”

     The definition of a ‘classic’ is, simply: ‘something that stands the test of time’. Dr. Henry M. Morris, noted Bible scholar, scientist, and author has written one of the better explained and well-known research books on the Book of the Revelation in his work: “The Revelation Record: A Scientific and Devotional Commentary on the Prophetic Book of the End Times” (1983, Tyndale House Publishers, 521 pages.)

     This book continues to be a classic to those who are interested in the study of the Book of the Revelation. Many of the top men who are worth their salt in the field of pre-tribulation prophetic teaching and study have taken this book as their ‘go to’ book when they have questions on prophecy. In fact, many of the top men today in the field got their start from “The Revelation Record”. It is a ‘word of mouth’ reference gold mine.

     Dr. Morris breaks down each chapter of the book in an easy to read verse-by-verse format. It faithfully tracks along with the King James Version of the Bible. He literally unpacks the entire book in such a way that it is easy to understand and follow. Student and teacher alike have a lot that they can gain from within its covers. Also, the work has an extensive Index of Subjects, and Index of Scriptures.

     Why are men and women continually drawn to this book of the Bible? Morris believes that man has always been interested in the future. However, man--in some cases, seems to have forgotten that God has His final imprint upon eternity and the final destination of man. This book does wonders for a sober examination of the future from a biblical point of view. “The Revelation Record” is available from your favorite electronic bookseller, or may be obtained through Tyndale House Publishers. It’s a recommended solid addition to one’s Bible study arsenal.

     Mike Ramey is a Minister, Reviewer and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. On Line Reviews brings current and lesser-known titles to public light in the quest to re-kindle a love for reading and thinking in a sea of modern technology. Feel free to reach him via email at manhoodline@yahoo.com. ©2017, 2019 Barnstorm Communications.

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