For the sake of this discussion we are standing shoulder to shoulder next to each other in Africa as you tell me how we need to do something to change our dire living conditions.I turn to you when you are finished talking and say to you,"what we need my brother is for one of us to go to America. We will then have a connection to the Europeans resources we so desperately need here in Africa." We both agree that such an idea makes good, sound, reasonable and logical sense. For the sake of this discussion we now have a plan.Our plan is based on sound judgment, critical thinking and competent logic so why is the plan not working?Our plan is not working because if I didn't do anything while in Africa to aid and abet my living conditions then despite the best made plans of mice and men once I get to America I'm still not going to do anything to aid or abet my living conditions because no matter where I go there I am.To add insult to injury, the Europeans didn't like me when I was over in Africa so it stands to reason that the Europeans like me even less now that I am here in America with them.In real-timeAfricans are living in the middle of nothing and African Americans are in America living and surrounded by wealth, resources and opportunity but in the year 2008 we are both equally as poor, persecuted, despised and globally neglected and rejected.African Americans may be living and surrounded by wealth, resources and opportunity but the Europeans are not giving it away. The Europeans don't share and share alike. African Americans while living in the midst of wealth, resources and opportunity must fight, march, cry, whine, beg and scrap for everything we get.None-the-less we African Americans have kept up our end of the plan, the best we know how and the best we can. African Americans purchase, consume and sell African products, art, clothing, and jewelry. We practice and educate our children to respect African culture, history and music.Our best efforts however have no impact on the World Bank or International Monetary Funds that has a strangle hold on economic Africa. We can't halt the shipping industry from depleting the oceans of Africa's fishing industry, We can't prevent the powers that be from selling African back its' own drinking water. We cant halt the migration of China into Africa.We are powerless against the Africa that is ruled by Arabs that has unleashed death in the Sudan. African Americans couldn't stop Spain from unleashing firing squads that murdered thousands of escaping African refugees. African Americans are unequipped to deal with or intervene in tribal clashes and spiritual African warfare but... we care about it.From the African immigrants perspective it may appear that Africa has been abandoned by the African Americans but from where I stand in America it appears that African immigrants has forsaken,abandoned and turned away from African Americans.Our living conditions in America are no better than the living conditions in Africa because unless we take personal responsibility for your lives our living conditions whether domestic, international or global will only worsen.If you don't have the courage it takes to change your inner being then even in the richest land on Planet Earth we are poor. It is not necessary for Africans to look across the waters and point fingers. It is not required that African Americans move back to Africa because no matter where you go there "you" are.We all have come from the same soil but not since the coming of Condeleezza Rice has God seen fit to forgive us.... and heal our land, mind, hearts and soul.We are all Africans whether we are here or there because there is only Africa and no matter where you go there "you" are.Go to and download a job that puts you on the road to doing for self. Download a job that puts "you" in the drivers seat.Don't spend your young life or the rest of your life taking orders.Do for self. Be your own boss. Go to and become "Undercover Smart"Sincerely,Enoch MubarakPresident/CEOMubarak

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  • Caricom

    YOU GAVE ME AN INSPIRATION, give it up, turn it loose.

  • Caricom

    Medaase pii, my brother - you've spoken volumes.  What a refreshing read - both in/empowering.  I worry every day about our condition and how we are going to survive the evil that so easily besets us 24/7.  Ours has been a life of turmoil and struggle and I am tired - I'm sure I am speaking for most of us.  I believe that once we reconnect with Our Creator our wounds of oppression will be healed and we will be restored to our ancestral GREATNESS, and to each other, and then the world will become a better place than it has been and is.  We know what is right.  We just have to act in that vein.  Our Creator is waiting on us to do the right thing - get it right and then all will, indeed, be well with our lands, minds, hearts and souls.  

    Yours for love, peace, prosperity & survival of our global Black Afrikan Family!

    Peggy Burns (aka Nana Peggy)



  • South

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