[June 9, 2010] The New Black Panther Party wholly condemns the recent decision to allow Det.Angel Pared, the officer captured on videotape summarily beating and abusing 15 year Travis Rattray on March 24th, to return to work.

          Pared was indicted on May 3rd and charged with “excessive force and   tampering with evidence.” He can face anywhere from  three to ten years if convicted.

          Pared pleaded not guilty to the charges on June 7th and refused to accept a plea bargain from the prosecutor’s office for his well-documented brutal mistreatment of the Newark teenager in front of his home, where he is captured on film punching and throwing Rattray to the ground, saying in defense that he “followed police guidelines and did nothing wrong.”

          Initially, Pared was suspended without pay, but he was recently reinstated, albeit confined to desk duty.

          “This is what is maddening to our community,” said Zayid Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party, who organized protest responses to the police officer’s abuse.

          “McCarthy even used our language on the issue, ‘zero tolerance,’ when this came down and when they rightfully suspended Pared without pay. If it was McCarthy, or any other lead official facing an indictment for that matter, they would have to resign as a matter of course. Why are police officers who have a special role in maintaining the public trust given an out like this he is being given?”

          “This guy will never have the public’s trust again for obvious reasons, and he or any police officer like him, should be let go in the interests of that trust.”

          The whole country has seen this police officer beat this young man up for no reason, Muhammad continued. It doesn’t show the emotional trauma he continues to face and that his family continues to face. His mother even suffered a miscarriage in the aftermath of this incident coming to the defense of her son. Allowing Pared to return to work, even with these limitations, only adds to their trauma.

          Muhammad said that he is examining organizing more protests in light of this disappointing development.

          He can be reached at 201- 602- 0780 for more information.



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