On Sunday, January 1st, Newark Communities for Accountable Policing will join the People’s Organization for Progress and their press conference that will call for firm decisive and transparent action in the Carl Dorsey case.

            The press conference takes place at 153 Halsey Street Newark at 12 noon outside the Newark office of the New Jersey Attorney General.

            January 1st marks the haunting second anniversary of Dorsey, only 39, being shot and killed by undercover Newark police officer Rod Simpkins! Most pointedly, the officer has a history of abuse prior to this fatal encounter with Dorsey.

            It was captured on videotape.

            The press conference will also look at the unbelievable promotion of Englewood police officer Luana Sharpe, who shot to death Bernard Placide Jr. after putting him in the throes of being tasered in a horrific incident where his called the police to help Bernard only 22 get transported to a hospital to address his mental health crisis!

            Particularly troubling about this promotion is that it takes place on months after the incident and it takes place in total disregard for an investigation that is supposed to take place as a consequence of an important new police accountability law for when someone dies or is killed in the hands of the police, the Independent Prosecutors Bill (S1036).

            “Not only has this new development of that officer’s looming promotion left many in that community up in arms, not only has it further traumatized Bernard’s mother and family, it shows a complete disregard for the law!...in particular total disregard for the Independent Prosecutor’s law S1036.

            “On behalf of our local member organizations and our statewide partners, We demand that your office intervenes in this matter immediately!

            “Failure to do so will make a terrible mockery of that law, set a terrible precedent for doing so and further set back already troubled police community relations in our state immeasurably,” said an emphatic Zayid Muhammad of Newark Communities of Accountable Policing (NCAP) in an open letter to the Governor Murphy and Attorney General Platkin.

             NCAP spearheads a statewide coalition against police brutality called New Jersey Communities for Accountable Policing.

            Actions are being planned in Englewood including a possible protest rally at that city’s January 3rd  Municipal Council Meeting where the officer is supposed to be publically promoted.

            For more information about the press conference, please call Lawrence Hamm at 973 801 0001. To learn more about the efforts of NCAP, call or text Zayid Muhammad at 973 202 0745...









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