Black Power Movement organizers for the area declared their April 23rd, Day of Unity and Action rallies a success, despite rainy weather conditions.

    In Newark, organizers were treated to New Black Panther Sharif Amenhotep challenging activists to stand strong in these times, that the rain should be the least “of our worries.”

    Several dozen activists rallied at Newark City Hall, representing several different organizations, including the New Black Panther Party, the People’s Organization for Progress, the Newark AntiViolence Coalition, several labor organizations and more.

    Lawrence Hamm of the People’s Organization for Progress was especially enthusiastic compelling participants to sense the gravity of the historical moment.

    “The phase of struggle that we are in now requires a massive nonviolent rebellion in this immediate period,” he proclaimed.

    He called for demonstrations to take place everyday throughout the city of Newark and anyplace else where “we can make it happen.”

    New York’s rally took place at Harlem’s historic Afrikan Square.

    The rally was also significant because of its genuine grassroots character.

    This rally did not feature participants from the more established activist groups. It featured newer lesser known activists like Rev. Omar Wilks,Timothy Ford, Shaka Shakur, Danette Chavis, who lost a son due to the police denying him emergency medical care, after he had been wounded in the crossfire of a shootout.

    New Black Panther elder and veteran Zayid Muhammad keynoted the rally challenging Harlem to appreciate its unique critical, strategic and important place in the global consciousness “of our people.”

    “Whenever our people are looking for that sign that it’s time to move, they don’t look at Mumia’s Philadelphia, they don’t look at Aiyana Jones’ Detroit, they don’t look at my young chairman’s (Malik Zulu Shabazz) Washington, DC, they look to see what you, Harlem, are doing,” he proclaimed.

    “In Garvey’s name, in Malcolm’s name, in the spirit of the Million Youth March, this is not only our people’s time, Harlem, this is your time,” he finished.

    He then encouraged people to participate in the May 19th Shut Down of the stores on 125th Street to honor Malcolm X and the pilgrimage to his gravesite. (Malcolm X was born on May 19, 1925.)

    He told them to also hold June 25th as the proposed follow up Day of Unity And Action rally…




    On Friday, April 29th, concerned residents and family members of Corey Brown,  are hosting an emergency Rally And Vigil to address his recent murder on Frazier St. by Trenton police.

The gathering will take place 'At The Scene Of The Crime' in the city's West Ward.
    To his neighbors, Brown, the soon to be husband,  described by all who knew him as mild-mannered soul, "a young harmless brother," who loved his children, extended family and community.

    Even though senseless violence is plaguing the Trenton community, we cannot allow the police to become judge, juror and executioner when they approach Black men in the street,” exclaimed Divine Allah, the Party’s Trenton-based national youth minister.

For more information, please call (609) 338-2236…


PO BOX 25332, NEWARK, NJ 07101


973 202 0745*


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