New Afrikan Family Day 2019

All New Afrikan Certified District must begin to celebrate Ourstory, Our Holidays and the Victories of Our Struggle. James C. Anyike wrote "African-american Holidays: A Historical Research and Resource Guide to Cultural Celebrations" that can guide RNA Certified Population Districts in getting started with New Afrikan Holiday Celebrations.
In addition to the Black Holidays his identities in his book, "August Black" is also an op for Black Pride Celebrations. All New Afrikan Certified Population District must begin to host annual celebrations honoring the Afrikan Freedom Spirit of Black August. Black August Celebrations provides RNA Certified Population Districts the op to showcase and celebrate New Afrikan Family Values through local New Afrikan Family Day events.
New Afrikan Certified Population Districts must show "african-americans" the contradictions of american family values to the natural order of family live. A New Afrikan Family Day (NAFD) Celebration is that op by Celebrating New Afrikans Families (Father, Mother, & Child) as the Foundation of a Strong Black Nation. "Forward Movement As the Black Community/Family” is the theme for the MedgarEversville NAFD Weekend Celebration, August 16 - 18, 2019. We will host Community Forums, a Community/Family Cookout, Lectures on New Afrikan Political Prisoners' Freedom Struggles, Table Games and Art & Craft for the Children.
Technical Assistance with organizing your Certified Population District's New Afrikan Family Day Celebration is available from As We Build by mailing or call Baba A. Lukata Chikuyu at 769-572-7441 (daytime). Now is the time to start planning your local New Afrikan Family Day (Weekend) Celebration!

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